Venedict is a baby lag-tar, a gecko-like creature
Name Venedict
Gender Male
Age 4 months old (said in the movie)
Species Lag-tars
Special ability He has knowledge of both human and lag-tar behavior
Roll Minor character
Allies P.T. Scare


Fabian T. Thomson



Enemies Cris Marcos


First Appearance "He Grows Up So... Evil"
Venedict is a minor character that appears in the series 2013. He is/was a baby lag-tar, found and somehow raised by P.T. and Josh.


His exact birthdate is unknown, but due to the state he was found it can be said he was born on September, probably between the 2nd and the 5th.

He was born while their parents were traveling towards another colony. As they were walking, Venedict's mom started having travail. Without any other option available, she had to give birth, only helped by her husband.

Venedict was born without complications. However, soon after that, the lag-tar couple was ambushed by serpens. With Venedict's mom weak, his parents had to make a harsh desicion. They hid their baby, and then ran away as fast as they could. They got to escape, but they had lost Venedict.

Soon later, Venedict was found by P.T. and Josh. They knew that if they left him alone, he would die for sure. So they decided to transport him to the closest lag-tar colony and, in the meanwhile, take care of his needs. Josh and P.T. soon became attached to him, and decided to keep him and raise him to be good, and not let him be raised by evil dudes.

At first everything was coming together. This was until Venedict's instincts started to develop. He became more sadistic and less comprehensive. Two days later (equivalent to 12 young lag-tar years), he became revel. Instead of keeping on wasting their efforts on lost cause, they decided to return him. They got to do it; Venedict did not want to leave his foster parents, though. P.T. conviced him by telling him he would be in better hands with his own species than with 4 dudes who get almost killed very casually and have no idea how to raise a child. He left then.

All this situation was monitored by the cybeavers. They said they had found what they were looking for, foreshadowing the comeback of Venedict.

He comes back, as a teenager, in the last regular episode of the series "Venedict Strikes Back", wanting to join P.T. and the others. When the situation becomes too dangerous, Josh has a chat with him and persuades into leaving. This, though, is interrupted by a gigantic ship that stars capturing all animals. The episode ends with Venedict asking Josh: "Ya sure ya won't need me 'round no more?", at which P.T. responds: "I doubt it".


When found, he was as small as a newborn human baby. At the end of the episode, he grew as big as half the size of P.T.


He has a lot of energy, normal lag-tar powers and super speed.


He is dumb, and got himself killed almost ten times in the same episode.

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