Stur Gtur
Turstles mutated from both small and giant turtle like these
Name Turstle
Ruler Roselle (indirectly)
Reside in North America
Special Characteristics They have the greatest variety in size, behavior and motion
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Humans


Feeding Vegetables, grass and small insects
Turstle is a minor species in the series 2013. Being descendants of turtles, some of them are one of the biggest beings that have ever existed.


They are two main types of turstles: Gigantics and Minors.


They are huge turtles. They can be as big as a teenaged elephex and their shell color comes from red to brown and orange, being their heads a darker tone of their shell. Inside their shell, there are places that assimilate cities, where minors live and work. On the top of their shell, there are two or three big chimneys, that are always releasing vapor.


They are regular-sized turtles. The biggest minor is a Josh's size, while the smallest is a Shrexd's size. Their shell color is usually green or even blue, being their heads a darker tone. Their shells are really small for their bodies, and weigh almost nothing. They live inside the gigantics. They form 90% of all turstles.


They are ruled by a female gigantic undirectly, and by a male minor more directly. Their government is similar to a dictatorship.

  1. Huge: She is the biggest of her species and the one in charge. She is usually served by a high number of subjects and her mayor subject keeps her aware of everything that happens (or at least that's what she thinks). Her name is Roselle.
  2. Mayor Subject: He is the one that keeps the huge aware of what is happening (or at least that's his job). However, he in fact is very abussive and often lies to the huge. He is the most intelligent of his species and the biggest minor. His name is Mortle. He lives in different gigantics, too.
  3. Turses: They are the rest of gigantics. They don't have any power, but they can't be ruled by Mortle, either. They are the homes of minors and are in charge of reproduction. They are the dumbest turstles.
  4. Cleaners: They are minors in charge of the maintanance of the gigantics as well as the wastes produced by other minors. They are the most hard-working turstles.
  5. Collectors: They're minors that look for food for the other minors.
  6. Employees: They are minors in charge of turning the wastes that the gigantics produce into renewable fuel. Through this process, no wastes are left after the diggestion.
  7. Guardians: They are highly trained minors in charge of protecting other minors from intruders that could get inside the gigantics' shells.
  8. Nurses: Minors that take care of young turstles.



Besides being huge, their shells protect them from everything. Besides, thanks to the employees, they can survive relatively long without eating.


They are fast and hard-working.



They depend more than all on minors, besides being slow, dumb and lacking of the ability to get inside their shell.


They are relatively small and their shells are relatively soft.

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