The Survivor
Name The Survivor
Type Videogame
Creator Unknown
Introduced In "PSP: the Videogame"

The Survivor is a game first seen in "PSP: the Videogame". According to the creator's note, it's highly addicted.


The videogame was copyrighted in 2012. Before the game starts, a note appears: "This game was taken out of the market due to it being considered addicted above of what the law states. So, from December 9th, 2012 on, the purchase or sell of this game will be considered illegal, and will be penalized according to the laws of the state, country or city laws."

As P.T. knew those laws didn't exist anymore, he played it ignoring the warning. He soon became highly addicted.


The game is based on the game Resident Evil. A miner called Anthony went into a cave in order to help a fellow miner, when the cave collapsed. He and Carl (the other miner) got to escape 2 weeks afterwards.

What they didn't know is that while they were trapped the world was invaded by aliens. While Carl decides to go by his own, Anthony finds an old gun shop. Now he must make his way by killing the aliens towards the head alien in an effort to restore the world.