The Omega Games
The Georgia Dome (pictured) will eventually host the Omega Games
Name The Omega Games
Origin Peace desires
Type Competition
Holder Elephex




Location Georgia, U.S.A
Introduced In ""The Omega Games""

The Omega Games is a competition invented by the Elephex species to promote peace within all the species. It is very similar to the Olimpic Games.


When the elphexes got tired of hearing complain after complain from so many species about shortages and deaths caused by several wars going up, they decide that meetings wouldn't do more than damage. So they decide to use another approach: sports.


They first had to find the perfect place, which they found where the Georgia Dome used to be. Besides some minor modifications, the place was ready by July 1st.


Then, they had to choose some reasonable sports that would make the game as impartial as possible. This occured by accident, when one of them stepped on a flyer from before the catastrophe of 2012. The flyer explained sports that dissappeared with humanity. The elephexes chose some of them and the event was set.

The SetupEdit

As they knew no species would agree on a simple and friendly competition, the elephexes had to plan something to persuade the other animals. So they sent a message to all the species that would say something about a meeting to decide what species should become the second one in charge.

Once they show up, though, the elephexes conviced the other species to take some "relaxing" playing with the others.

The DestructionEdit

At first, the plan was going just fine. Everyone was having fun and hanging out. However, some "unwanted" spectators (i.e the humans) got upset when they witnessed the main entertainment: the burning of three wood statues symbolizing the humans, followed by insults towards them.

They, as a result, decided to sabotage the event (not only for the offenses they had received, but because they knew their unity would only mean more trouble for them).

So they started to make the games easier for some species, making it look like cheating. When they saw this, they started to accuse one another and fighting. They finally ended up destroying the place. During the commotion, the lag-tars got to steal the trophy (for unknown reasons).

Two hours later, the serpens showed up only to find the place destroyed and lonely.


Events and WinnersEdit

  • Javelin throw (Pusplaty)
  • Aiming (Aglo)
  • 10 miles run (Chickencorz)
  • Swimming (Pusplaty)
  • Diving (Pusplaty)
  • Long Jump (sabotaged) (Aglo)
  • Footless Run (sabotaged) (Chickencorz)
  • Fighting (No completed and no winner)

Winners of the EventEdit

  1. Place: Pusplaty (officially) (3 official winnings)
  2. Place: Aglo (aiming being worth more than 10 miles run) (1 official and 1 sabotaged)
  3. Place: Chickencorz (1 official and 1 sabotaged)