The City of Fear
The city of Foster will eventually become the most dangerous place in the world
Name The City of Fear
Type City
Ruler Doroun
Location Rhode Island, U.S.A
Material of construction Steel, iron and crystal (buildings)

Rocks and soil (wall)

Inhabitants Coyots

The City of Fear is the most dangerous place on Earth in the series 2013. It's where the coyots species lives in.


It looks like a destroyed city. Several buildings from before the catastrophe of 2012 still exist, but they are in a decadent state. The city is surrounded by a wall with 4 big holes that act like doors. There are not plants or even trees with the soil being gray-colored.

Main PlacesEdit

  1. Center: On the center of the city, there's the biggest building-less zone, with a circumference of 60 meters. This is where Doroun (leader of the coyots) sleeps on.
  2. Buildings: Ruined buildings built by the ex-habitants of the zone before the catastrophe of 2012. This is where coyots live, sleep, reproduce and store their food in. They are the highest built-by-humans structures that still exist.
  3. Cementary: A zone in northwest of the city where all carcasses of coyots are buried in. There are a few buildings by there.
  4. Tunnels: Secret tunnels for the which the hunters go through in order to seek food. There are five of them and the longest is 2 kilometers long, with 1.8 kilometers being outside the city.
  5. Wall: A 15-20-meter-tall wall built by lag-tars in hopes of containing the coyots. A 20x15-meter-tall hole was left as all the lag-tars were killed before finishing. Curiously, the coyots haven't tried to destroy it.


  • Weight: Nearly 3000000 tons.
  • Amount of Buildings: Almost 5000.
  • Height: The tallest structure is 60 meters tall.
  • Time Needed to Built: It's not an original structure.