The Big One's Palace
This model of the Roman Colosseum is very similar to The Big One's Palace
Name The Big One's Palace
Type Dwelling (a castle, basically)
Ruler The Big One
Location Fairborn, Ohio, U.S.A
Material of construction Soil and poisonous saliva
Inhabitants The Big One

The Big One's Palace is the place where the Big One (leader of all the Serpens) lives in. It is a huge place and is guarded by one of the most dangerous animals on Earth.


Resembling the Roman Colosseum, the Big One's Palace is a guge structure with a circumference of 5 km and 2 km of height. Inside, it is a comfortable place where the Big One lives. She never goes out. There are four doors. Three are for the subjects to bring in food for her, and the fourth one is in case she has to leave.


The inside is decorated with several jewels that her subjects bring in to her. There are several stages adorned with equums skin where the big one can put comfortly her huge body on. The emergency door is covered by a soft pieces of serpens skin, so in case she has to leave her palace, she won't find the exit hard to pass through.

When the temperature is too high, a cloth made from things the seekers found can be put on the ceiling, protecting the big one from the sun. Once it is night, it is put back to its original position.

The big structure also has a design that allows the structure cool itself and at the same time prevents for heat to get in. When it is cold, several windows are closed, preventing for heat to escape.

In case of collapse, several tubes brake down releasing water to the big one, waking her up. These tubes work as an emergency sign that the big one must go out.


The Big One's Palace is one of the most protected places on Earth. There are at least 100 guardians all around the place. Their poison combined is enough to kill almost a million Lag-tars. They are strong, loyal, hardworking and will defend their leader or die by trying. Nothing goes in without they revising what it is.


The structure was built by the big one using soil attached with her saliva, which is the most poisonous thing ever existed. So, if someone ever had a contact with this structure and a wound, or if it ate some, it would die in seconds. Even serpens are powerless for this poisonous building.


  • Weight: 50000-51000 tons
  • Height: 2 km
  • Amount of Floors: Nearly 500 steps
  • Time Needed to Build: 5 months