Statue-kinesis allows the user to manipulate statues like this one
Name Statue-kinesis
Type Geokinesis
Effects Manipulation of statues
User Solemren species

Statue-kinesis is an ability that belongs to the mutated species Solemren. This ability allows them to control statues at will.


As most beings in the series 2013, the solemrens got their powers after the catastrophe of 2012.

After this event, the solemrens' feet became "connected" to the land. They didn't know their power back then. It was on February 3rd, 2013, that the first solemren found out their power. He manipulated a 20-meter-tall to defend himself from an aglo. He didn't do this on purpose, though. He however started to get curious about this power.

He soon understood his real power and started to teach others. Thus, he became not only the first official leader of the species, but the most powerful statue-kineticed ever. He died on May 29th, 2013. His oldest daughter became the leader.


To statue-kinet, a solemren must have all of its feet on the ground. Then, close its eyes and while pointing its head to the statue they want to control. This power requires a lot of concentration, but the proffessionals can do it almost instantly. After having its mind in the statue, the can manipulate it and make the statue move by making a series of tremors on it. Unlike one would think, this power has little or nothing to do with telepathy. In fact it has more to do with discipline and concentration.

Major EffectsEdit

Some solemrens (as the founder) can control even small rocks. This is very, very rare, but possible.