Snrains mutated from creatures like this one, a land snail
Name Snrain
Ruler Alex
Reside in United States and Mexico
Special Characteristics They are hermaphrodite (both sexes)
Roll Minor villains
Enemy species Humans




Feeding Leaves and vegetables
Snrain is a minor species that appears in the series 2013. They mutated from snails and one of the grossest animals in the series


Their brains have grown so much that they can be seen through their skins. Their color change depending on the weather: blue when hot and black when cold. Their size varies from 1 to 5 meters long. They have kept most of their ancestors' features.


They are neither ruled by a female nor by a male. All snrains are hermaphrodites are their ancestors.

  1. Great Master: The biggest and slowest snrain. It is always giving orders, which annoys the snrains around it. Its name is Alex.
  2. Generals: They rule all the snrain colonies. There is one for colony.
  3. Officers: The fastest snrains. They keep order, arrest criminals and teach young snrains to do the first two. They can reach a speed of 10 km/h.
  4. Doctors: They are in charge of healing injured snrains and take care of the oldest snrains.
  5. Explorers: The most dangerous position. They and the carriers are the only ones that go out of the colonies. Their job is looking for food and make sure those places are safe for the carriers to travel.
  6. Carriers: The transport the food from outside to the inside of the colony.
  7. Seniors: The oldest snrains. The don't have to work and are served by the doctors. One snrain becomes citizen once it is unable to confuse other species.
  8. Caretaker: They take care of the young snrains as well as the eggs.
  9. Sufferes: They are snrains that were born with a weird disease that doesn't let them move. They don't usually live more than 3 months and are attended by the doctors.


They mess with the mind of most species. Once under their control, they start to hallucinate. If these creatures are kept under this power enough time, they will eventually dehydrate.

Another ability they have is their slime, which is toxic and helps them not to get lost.


As their ancestors they are very slow (having a speed from 1-10 km/h). They are also very vulnerable physically, too, and 10% of them are born as sufferes.

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