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The sleepinator resembles a barrel like this
Name Sleepinator
Effect Incapacity of sleep
Type Machine
Creator Cybeavers
Introduced In "Sleep Deprivation"

The sleepinator is a machine shown in 2013.


It looks like a barrel, but when activated it "explodes" and turns into a flower-like object.


The machine was made by the cybeavers. As always, they decided to test it on the main characters, but this time even before than being confirmed to work.

To attract the guys to the machine, they made a track of nuts, which P.T. stupidly follow. Cris, Fabian and Josh also had to follow him. Once they were all near the sleepinator, the cybeavers activated it through a remote control, which made the machine release tiny particles of a weird compound to the humans and Josh. These particles got to their brains, disabling all sleeping capacities. The machine isn't shown anymore in the episode till the end, where the cybeavers affirm: "Now, we are totally ready".


The particles don't allow the affected to sleep, which could cause weakening, psycosis and death after a while.


The cure is to get at least 5 hours of sleep, which would destroy the particles in one's organism. The cure may sound easy, but it's really difficult to achieve.