Skurks mutated from skunks, which they share a lot of common characteristics with
Name Skurk
Ruler Serry
Reside in North America
Special Characteristics They guard one of the most aggressive animals in the world
Roll Minor enemies
Enemy species Humans


Feeding Plants
Skurk are a species of dangerous, mutated skunks in the series 2013. They may seem harmless, but they can turn into savage beasts if threatened.


In normal mode, the look like normal skunks. However, when in defense mode, they can be as big as a Pusplaty, with long, sharp, lion-like claws. Their teeth become fangs and their tails, crocodile-like. Their eyes turn red or black and foam starts come out of their mouths.

Hierarchy Edit

They are ruled by a female, but they are free to decide whether or not her desicions are for the best. She is the only one allowed to order, though.

  1. Supreme Skurk: She is the second on size and strength. She rules a pascifist government and doesn't like to punish her subjects. She is responsible and kind. She is named Serry.
  2. Maximum Skurk: They are strong and agile and are in charge of explore the surroundings near the leader's place. They are aware of anything that happen in their territory.
  3. Protection Squad: They are in charge of protecting the leader and revising everything that goes in and out of her castle. There are 19 of them.
  4. Guardians of Peace: They are in charge of watching after the beast. They are extremely armed and have the order to kill any intruder that gets too close to the beast's cage.
  5. Townskurks: They are regular subjects. They seek food for the colony, build houses, hail others... They form more than 99% of all skurks.
  6. Beast: He is the ex-king. He is a 55-meter-long skurk. He is trapped in a cage guarded by the guardians of peace. He is the strongest, biggest and most aggressive of all skurks. If he got to escape, he would kill any animal he sees. He is the only skurk without normal mode. His name is Destructor.


In defense mode, they are strong, have sharp fags, a powerful tail and strong claws. They are strong and fast and some are armed, too. They also spray stinky substances when enemies are around, that could get them blind or even kill them.


In normal mode, they're weak, small, slow and harmless. They can't stay on defense mode for more than a few minutes, either.

Minor Species
Abyssal Fish

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