Shrews like this little guy mutated into the biggest herd ever, the shrexds'
Name Shrexd
Ruler Bronda
Reside in No specific place
Special Characteristics They never stop running
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Basically, any species that is on their way
Feeding Anything the collectors can get
First Appearance "Two Pests"
Shrexd is a species of mutated shrews appear on 2013. They are fast craeatures that never stop moving.


They look like any shrew except for the fact that they are as big as cats used to be. Their legs are extremely strong and their noses stronger than those from their ancestors.


They are ruled by a female. They, however, don't have actually a government, but different jobs.

Formation of the Herd: Red=Shrexdax Black=Bodyguards Collectors=Green NDS=yellow (Not to scale)

  1. Shrexdax: The leader and biggest shrexd. She is not as fast as her subjects but surely is stronger. She domains everybody by using a type of sonar. Her name is Bronda.
  2. Bodyguards: Nearly a thousand of shrexds that are always around the shrexdax. They are the third strongest and the most loyal as they are the closest to their lider.
  3. Collectors: They are the biggest group. Nearly 1000 million of shrexds that are in charge of colecting all the food that it is possible. They are basically the most important ones. They are around the body guards.
  4. National Defense Squad: Nearly 8 million of shrexds that are in charge of protecting the colectors. They are the second strongest (after their leader) and the most agressive. They have a powerful poison. They are around the recolectors.
  5. Explorers: Nearly 2 million of shrexds that are the only ones allowed to leave the herd. They watch places before the actual herd comes. They are at least two times faster than any other shrexd. They sometimes fail as they are usually far enough from the shrexdax. They are the ones that are killed the most.


Their system allows them to run forever, and their herd, besides being the biggest herd ever existed, is extremely inpenetrable. Finally, they are fast, strong and some of them are poisoneous.


If they ever stop running, they would die. Besides, it wasn't the best of the ideas to put the entire population of shrexds in one single place.

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