The most powerful serpens were cobras like this one formerly
Name Serpens
Ruler The Big One (formerly)

Lag-tars (currently)

Reside in Rhode Island and adjacent states
Special Characteristics Their poison is strong enough to kill thousands or even a million of creatures
Roll Minor villains (formerly)

Supporting characters

Enemy species Any species that gets too close to The Big One's Palace


Feeding Equums and small animals
First Appearance "The Most Wanted Ones"
Serpens is a mutated species from the series 2013. They are mutated snakes and one of the most dangerous animal in the world.


They look more like lizards than the classical snake. They have strong arms and legs and are as big as an elephant. They are not as large as their formers, though.

Old HierarchyEdit

The serpens are ruled by a female, as most of the other species. Their status is defined for how toxic is their poison.

  1. The Big One: It is the biggest serpen ever, and the second longest of all the animals (only defeated by the elephexes). She is 20 km long, and one of her bites is enough to kill more than a million Lag-tars. She is fared by all creatures, specially by the other serpenses. She doesn't have a real name as she wouldn't need to.
  2. Guardians: Those who are in charge of the defense of the Big One. There are roughly 100 of them and they are both males and females. Their poison is strong enough to kill some thousands of Lag-tars.
  3. Protection Team: Those in charge of the defense of the seekers. They protect them by also rule upon them. Their poison could kill nearly 800 Lag-tars.
  4. Seekers: They are on the bottom but they are the most important serpenses of all, which is the reason of why they are highly protected. Their poison is strong enough to kill 100 equums, that are the serpenses' main preys. They are called seekers as they "seek" food for all serpenses. They also form 75% of the species.

New HierarchyEdit

Now they are "owned" by the lag-tars and The Big One has died, they lack of any type of government, as they are considered slaves.


The Big One is huge. All serpenses have enough poison to kill a lot of beings. Seekers can run as fast as 45 miles per hour. They are also inmune to all poison except for the Big One's. They are incredibly good in hand-to-hand fight.


They are slaves of the lag-tars.

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