Randy comes from coyotes like this, even though he doesn't look like it
Name Randy
Gender Male
Age 7 months (said in the movie)
Species Coyots
Special ability N/A
Roll Recurring character
Allies Fabian T. Thomson

P.T. Scare

Cris Marcos



Enemies Coyots


First Appearance "Feeling Fancy"
Randy is a recurring character that appears in 2013. He is the only coyots that isn't a villain and doesn't live in The City of Fear (where most coyotses live in).


He was born on May 20th, 2014. According to him, he is the sole survivor between their brothers and sisters, as they all died from different reasons.

When he turned 2 weeks old, he witnessed how his dad killed his mom and almost killed him. Fortunately, he got to escape. He soon learned he was different. He didn't enjoy hurting animals and he later became vegetarian behind his species' back.

When he found out his dad had died, he finally understood he shouldn't be around the others. When he tried to escape the city, several coyots attacked. He escaped, but he was badly hurt. He passed out soon after getting away.

When he woke up, he was being healed by some paramols. According to them, he had been dead for hours. They tried to teach him how to be good, but their ways turned out to be useless. After killing one paramol, they kicked him out of the colony saying that he was forbidden to come back.

He spent more than a month looking walking and wondering, until he overheard about the humans. He thought they may help him, as they suffered from the same hatred he suffered. When he found them, he asked for their help.

Days passed by, and Randy showed no progress. That's when Fabian found a way to contain his instincts: by looking his own reflection whenever he freaks out. The therapy worked and Randy decided to repay him by joining their group. He, however, learned he couldn't stay with them as they fight very frequently. So he decided to leave them and find another way to thank them.

He became a recurring character in both seasons 4 and 5. Currently, he is the oficial leader of the lag-tars, after Jen gave in this position as she knew she didn't have much more time to live.


At first, he was more unstable than P.T. due to his coyots instincts. Once he was cured, he became weak of personality and fussy. He is very kind and loves all creatures (even his species).


He is strong and self-controlled.


He is very vulnerable emotionally.

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