Platypus like this technically mutated after 2012. However, they already looked like mutants before
Name Pusplaty
Ruler Karry (Main Leader)

The Big House (Direct Rulers)

Reside in North America and Australia
Special Characteristics They are inverse mutants of their ancestors
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Humans
Feeding Small animals
First Appearance "Infiltrated"
Pusplaty is a species on the series 2013. These animals were formerly known as platypus, before mutating after the catastrophe of 2012.


They are inversely platypus. They have a beaver's body, a mole's mouth, an otter's tail and the extremities of a duck. They are as big as bears.


Even though they are ruled by a female, they have a democratic system similar to that one from the U.S.A.

  1. Presipus: The leader of the pusplaties, althought she doesn't have the power to rule over the big house. She is the strongest and biggest of all plusplaties, reason for the which she is their ruler. Her name is Karry.
  2. The Big House: They are really the ones with the most power. It is a group made of 8 female and 6 male. They decide rules and all important decisions for the pusplaties.
  3. Armed League: The strongest pusplaties. They don't rule over anybody, but they are highly respected. Their mission is defend any pusplaty in danger. Some of them were given the mission of killing the only humans that are left.
  4. The population: They are in charge of collecting food for the colony. They have the power of asking for certain rules to be made, but they don't rule anybody.
  5. Slaves and Freaks: Pusplaties that have either disobeyed either the presipus or the big house's rules, or were born with serious physical or mental issues. Slaves are treated with disrespect and most of them are in jail without any right and so are the freaks. Slaves stay in jail for 1 month for every rule they brake.


They are the most intelligent and highest technologic advanced species on Earth. Armed Leagues are very strong and have enough poison to kill two humans as Cris Marcos. All the pusplaties can breath water, too.


The pusplaty specimens are relatively low compared to other species. They reproduce very slow and 13% of pusplaties are born as freaks.


As some characters, the pusplaties had a counterpart that appeared in "Lost in Another Reality", the Typuspla.


They have the same parts as pusplaties and platypuses, but in other places. They have a beaver's mouth, a mole's extremities, an otter's tail and a duck's body. They are as big as pusplaties.


They can swim very well, dig and cut off trees to build. They are really strong.


As the pusplaties, they reproduce very slowly. They usually have a shorter lifespan than the pusplaties, too.

Minor Species
Abyssal Fish

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