The cybeavers based their design on an ancient Spartan helmet like this one
Name Protolator
Effect The visualization and feeling of the user's fantasies
Type Helmet
Creator Cybeaver species
Introduced In "Helmet of Unfriendship"

The protolator is a powerful device created by the Cybeaver species that appears in the series 2013.


It was created by the cybeaver species soon before the episode "Helmet of Unfriendship". They created in order to prove the belief that there is no union that can resist the personal desires of its members.

The first tests were a success. Once confirmed, they decide to prove it with a real strong union. After several researches, they agree that the group of Fabian, Cris, P.T. and Josh is perfect for the experiment.

In order to get their attention, they set up an act telling all the "wonders" of their protolator (most of them being false). Then they store it in a low-security zone. P.T. decides to steal it along with other inventions (that came up to be props).

Once each of them put the helmet on, they see and feel their fantasies just like if they were real. Their relationship soon deteriorates to the point they try to kill each other. Fabian soon decides to get rid of it.

They try to destroy it by hitting it, shooting it and even peeing on it (which they did thinking it would be too repulsived as to put it on again. Once they run out of options, they agree on an extreme option: throw it into a volcano.

Before throwing it, they fight once more but luckily the helmet finally falls into the inferno, presumably destroying it. This, however, was all part of the cybeavers' plan. They retrieve it and pronunce it as the most powerful invention the had ever created.

Shown FantasiesEdit

  • P.T.'s: He is with his parents enjoying several manjars sorrounded by several beatiful girls.
  • Cris': He sees himself as a very strong person hitting to death all the classmates that had hit him in his past.
  • Fabian's: He is killing all lag-tars and finally he becomes their leader.
  • Josh: He's the leader of the cameuls.