African porcupines as this one mutated into porcukings
Name Porcuking
Ruler Mizoe
Reside in United States and Mexico
Special Characteristics They can "explode" into a spikes ball
Roll Minor villains
Enemy species Humans





Feeding Grass, fruits and vegetables
Porcuking is a species which porcupines mutated into after the catastrophe of 2012. They appear in 2013.


They look like porcupines, except for the fact that their spikes are no way to be seen. They are as big as pigs used to be. However, when in danger, they literally explode into a ball of thick, indestructable spikes and their head, feet and tail dissappear. Their tails have spike, even when they are normal.

Hierarchy Edit

They are ruled by a female. She has not way to control her subjects, though.

  1. Porcuqueen: She is the biggest porcuking. She is very shy and is always sourrounded by her loyal guards just in case. She is hypochondriac and paranoid, but her subjects respect her and consider her a powerful being, though. Her name is Mizoe.
  2. Loyal Guards: They are big, armed porcukings that follow the porcuqueen wherever she goes. They are dumb and are really affraid of their leader. However, they're not affraid of any being that they could consider dangerous.
  3. Puercoreyes: They are a small community of porcukings that inhabit what before was Chihuahua, Mexico. They originally were explorer that got lost. They are in communication with the main colony thanks to a strange type of cell phone and decided to stay in Mexico. They learned Spanish and in fact, their name means porcuking in Spanish. They are highly respected by the main colony.
  4. Recolectors: They are in charge of feeding the colony. They are fast, sneaky and never stop working.
  5. Babysitters: They are in charge of teaching and taking care of the youth. They are all faggy males and have to follow the orders of the recolectors.


Their only known ability is turning in a indestructible spikes ball, besides being sneaky and fast. They can stay as a ball as long as they want.


When they are not a spikes ball, they are soft, relatively small and harmless. Besides, they can't move at will when they are a ball.

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