Wild pigs as this are the closest ancestors to the pigmaxes
Name Pigmax
Ruler Pingay
Reside in North America and Russia
Special Characteristics They can either perceive or produce all the waves in the Electromagnetic spectrum
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Humans



Feeding Equums and Vegetables
First Appearance "It's Our Turn Now"
Pigmax is a species of mutated pig in the series 2013. They are very special beings with anormal powers, even for the time.


They are as big as elephants were. They have 8 eyes in line, two blue, two red, two white and two purple. Their tails resemble satellites. More than that, they haven't changed very much from their ancestors.


They have a communist government and are ruled by a female.

  1. Alph: She is the leader and most powerful of all pigmaxes. She is slightly bigger than the rest and has the ability to produce gamma waves, that could kill other pigmaxes or nearly beings. Her name is Pingay.
  2. Masters of the UV: They have an extremely amount of UV rays stored in one layer under their skin. If they need to, they would release this energy, burning any being in a range of around 10 meters. Once they release that energy, they become Ex-UV. Their function is protecting the alph.
  3. Ex-UV: They are former masters of the UV. They don't have any speciality that other pigmaxes don't have, but they are highly respected by the alph.
  4. Peasants: Their job is to grow plants to feed the colony. They're also highly respected ny the alph.
  5. Messangers: Their job is to communicate the alph's orders and other important messages to other pigmaxes by transmiting radio waves. They have the power to transmit independent messages, too, being the only pigmaxes with that right. They are the weakest, smallest and most intelligent of all pigmaxes.


They can see infrared rays (with their red eyes), UV rays (purple eyes) and X-rays (White eyes), besides normal light (blue eyes). The alphe can produce destructive gamma rays and the masters of the UV, UV rays explosions. They can produce and detect radio waves, too.

Pigmaxes have the extreme ability to produce or perceive all the waves in the electromagnetic spectrum


Their eyes are very sensible to light, so they are nocturnal. Some of them can get dizzy if they don't control their powers, too.

Minor Species
Abyssal Fish

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