Star-nosed moles were animals that mutated into paramoles
Name Paramol
Ruler Rose
Reside in Northeastern United States
Special Characteristics They can communicate with dead beings
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Humans
Feeding Small animals and fruits
Paramol is a minor species featured in 2013. They are mutated moles with the strangest powers ever, and strong religious feelings.


They look like big, star-nosed moles. The bulges on their noses, however, have become antenna-like bulges. Their fur is white, and their eyes are blank, showing their blindness. Their feet have not toes, either.


They are ruled mainly by a female, but they are directly ruled by two males.

  1. Goddess Paramol: She is the most intelligent of all paramoles. She is considered not just a paramol more, but a real divinity. She rules pacificly over the gods paramol, and she is also very independent. She is literally considered a deity. Her name is Rose.
  2. Gods Paramol: They are really the ones that rule most of the paramoles. They are a little more strict than the goddess, but they are still very calmed and are always looking for the safety of both their subjects and their goddess. Their names are Bonji and Malour.
  3. Hunters: They look for food for the colony. They are the strongest ones and are trained to detect preys very far away. They form the mayority.
  4. Guardians: They are in charge of the protection of the goddess and gods paramol. They'll die before letting anybody get close to their rulers.


They have a strong and unexplained ability to talk with dead beings. They can also curse others if they need to. Hunters can feel small animals several meters away. Whether or not it is true, paramoles believes that their goddess and gods will live forever.


They are blind and physically harmless. They have lost their ability to dig, too.


As some characters, the paramols have a counterpart that appears in the episode "Lost in Another Reality", the stopmoles.


They look like the paramols, but smaller and with bigger eyes.


Their powers seem to be the same ones as the paramols.


They can't dig and are physically harmless, like the paramols are.

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