A psp similar to this is the one P.T. found
Name PSP
Type Handheld videogame console
Creator Unknown wealthy human
Introduced In "PSP: the Videogame"

A PSP is one game device shown in the series 2013 and introduced in "PSP: the Videogame". It's currently owned by the cybeavers.


According to the note P.T. found attached to it, this device was once owned by a very wealthy and addicted-to-videogames guy. He loved videogames so much he tried to develop one of his favorite handheld games. This works, but due to so many people wanting to steal his idea, he locked it in a safe made out of iron and gold.

Apparently, when the catastrophe of 2012 occured, the game got saved. Years later, it was refound inside the ruins of what used to be the guy's mansion by P.T. The safe had enough batteries to allow the game to work more than 200 hours, but only had one game: The Survivor. Because of P.T. being addicted to games himself, he soon started to develop an addiction to to the game.

Day and night, P.T. just played and played the game, until his partners decided it was enough. They tried to get rid of the game in a lot of ways, but P.T. always got to get it back. So they tried to use a different approach, defeat P.T. and destroy the game. However, when P.T. turned into his evil-self, he defeated his friends and almost killed them.

When he came back to his senses and saw what he had done, he decided it was enough. So he threw the game as far away as he could. The videogame was found for some cybeavers, who looked at it with an evil gaze.