Neutrality Pact
Name Neutrality Pact
Origin Millions of Cameuls killed in a few months
Type Interspecies
Holder Cameuls, Serpens, Lag-tars, Pusplaties, Chameleontiuses and humans
Location North America
Introduced In ""Reinforcing a Treaty""

The Neutrality Pact is a pact signed by Cameuls and other species.


Everything started short after the catastrophe of 2012, when cameuls and serpens first met. Serpens really loved to chase and eat cameul, mostly due to the their slow nature, which made them easy to kill. Soon, cameuls became the main prey of the serpens.

The First StrikeEdit

By February 13th, 2013, it is stimated that nearly 6 million cameuls had been killed and eaten by the serpens. The serpens also had troubles, though. Now they were spending less energy on chasing and had become lazy. When the Big One (leader of the serpens) saw this, she ordered rationing. So, less cameuls were being attacked and this allowed them to spread out. This is when something that really changed everything happened.

Lag-tars finds themEdit

On March 2nd, a small group of lag-tars found a big colony of cameuls. They killed some and brought it to the colony. When Laggo found out about the colony, he order nearly a thousand soldier to attack and invade the city. 5 million cameuls were exterminated in less than 2 weeks, however only 6 lag-tars had died.

The Last StrawEdit

On June 20th, another bomb occured. The chameleontius had found out the secret supply of the lag-tars, which had given a strong advantage to them in the Cham-Tar War. This made them start having cameuls as an important part of their diet. Thousands were killed in a few weeks.

A solutionEdit

By July 15th, no more than 3 million cameuls were left and the whole species was facing extinction. A big colony colony in which the countess and count of the cameul were in was deciding what to do. When all options seemed useless, the count came up with the idea of the neutrality pact. This pact not only will help them, but all their predators.

The count talked with Laggo, the Big One and Chamee and they all agreed with something: No more cameuls will be killed if they served Lag-tars and Chameleontiuses on their war, as well as serpens on building their colonies. 80,000 cameuls were sent to each colony and, surprisenly, it turned out pretty well.

One more Edit

On December 1st, another threat occured. Pusplaty started killing several cameuls. They, however, did this only as a way to get the benefits other soecies had gotten. Cameuls didn't have more option than sending 20,000 cameuls to stop them.


They didn't accept all the species that came to them, though. On March 20th, 2014, the last three humans tried to get their help. They refused but, even though, a cameul (Josh) felt pity for them and decided to join them, disobeying his superiors. (See: "Reinforcing a Treaty").


  • Loaders: 4,000,389 (Nearly 65%)
  • Transporters: 1,900,034 (More than 31%)
  • Warriors: 247,768 (Less than 4%)
  • Illegals: 1 (Josh)