Mountains of the Screams
Name Mountains of the Screams
Type Mountain Range
Ruler None
Location Unknown place in Texas
Material of construction Rocks and acid
Inhabitants Some Cockroachesimonctergonnes

The Mountains of the Screams are secret mountains that are the main setting in the episode "Secrets of the Mountains". Their location is unknown, mainly due to a supposed ancient curse. This curse hasn't been confirmed to exist, though.


The Mountains of the Screams are a mountain range surrounded by a big river. There are four mountains: Mortem (the shortest one), Sanguinem, Clamore (the highest one) and Perditionis (the main one). They are all barren territories, without water or vegetation of any type.

History Edit

According to the cybeavers, when the meteor of 2012 collided with the planet, the energy released was so big that some mountains grew up as a result. Right on the top of Perditionis, aliens from an unknown planet put a curse on the planet as well as a magic rock able to grant wishes. One of the few creatures who believed this story tried to get to the place. None of them came back, and the last thing it was heard from them was their screams (reason for the which those mountains were named like that).

According to the myth, the aliens hid four pieces of a map. The cybeavers were the first ones on finding one, followed by the lag-tars, then the copyrrots and finally the main characters. The myth turned out to be just that, a myth. But it's still unknown why so many creatures disappeared, and who made those maps.

Main PlacesEdit

  • Entrance: A cave where the explorers get in.
  • The Hundred Tunnels: Several caves that get to several places. Only one will get you to the treasure. The others will get you lost or killed.
  • Wall: A wall full of spikes. When one spike is touched, it will be shot, possibly killing the being who touched it.
  • Lake of Acid: An acidic lake able to kill any being who comes into contact with it. The smell is toxic, too.
  • Solid Darkness: One place where the sun rays have never penetrated. The temperature is -20 C.
  • Outside Stairs: Stairs on the outside. If one being steps on one wrong stais, the whole place collapses.
  • Top: The top were supposedly the treasure was.
  • Exit: One long slide that let the explorers 5 miles away from the mountains.

Pieces (owners)Edit

  1. Entrance and The Hundred Tunnels (Fabian, P.T., Cris and Josh)
  2. Wall, Lake of Acid and Solid Darkness (Cybeavers)
  3. Outside Stairs and Top (Copyrrots)
  4. Exit (Lag-tars)


Due to a supposed curse, the only way to get to the place is by blindfold one self, stay away 5 miles from the mountains and count 35,000 steps in a straight line. The mountains are invisible from so far away, due to fog that surrounds the place.