Mission Rings of Earth
The Orange lines on this pisture represent the tunnels or "rings" that the mission is based on
Name Mission Rings of Earth
Type Communication System
Ruler Bosnia
Location Every continent but the Antarctic

The Mission Rings of Earth is a project designed by the Megabeetle species. It's the biggest construction that's ever existed.


The mission consits on making 8 tunnels that, once completed, will circle the globe. The mission is the last effort for the species to become as much self-suficient as possible by comunicating all the colonies spread throughout the world.


The idea came out when the megabeetle colony in North America found out that there were more colonies on Earth.

So they sent a message to the other colonies (by using 2000 tiger megabeetles) only to know how far the other colonies were or even if theuy actually existed.

5 weeks later, 300 megabeetles came back (being unknown what happened to the rest). 20 of them had found colonies thousands of miles away. They all lived on the surface, unlike the North American colony.

500 tiger megabeetles were sent to these colonies. The message was all about the other colonies and the idea of living underground. However, this system would be very difficult and dangerous. So the queen came up with the idea of connecting all the colonies into one huge colony by building several colonies.

As making only one tunnel would be innacurate and difficult for so many colonies, they decided to make as many as it was needed.

After weeks of planning, they learned that eight was the number. So they started to dig. 6 days later, the colonies from Russia and Spain got connected.

Finished WorkEdit

On July 2nd, 2014, the project was officially finished. This brought a problem, though. As they have spent their lives making the project, they had nothing to do.

They had trapped P.T. soon before. When they asked for his opinion, he came out with these crazy ideas. To make a long story short: the tunnels collapsed, were flooded or became unstable. This meant that now the megabetles had even more work to do than when they started. P.T. was forbidden to go back, but allowed to go back to the surface. After all, thanks to him, the megabeetles will have a lot to do.


  • Height: Between -1 and -50 km.
  • Time Needed to Build: 1.6 years.