Millionpedes look almost the same as this millipede, one of their ancestors
Name Millionpede
Ruler Bayne
Reside in North and South America
Special Characteristics They have thousands of thin feet
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Humans


Feeding Vegetables, grass and small insects
First Appearance "One More Try"
Millionpede is a species of mutated millipede that appear in 2013.


They look like giant centipedes. They can reach a length of 20 meters. They have antennas which look like satellites at the end. Their colors are different tones of green and black and some resemble Army uniforms. Their feet are extremely thin and close to one another. They have between 2 and 4 feet/ squared centimeter. The leader has nearly 16000 feet.


They are ruled by a female, as most species. They're very loyal and strict about their rules, without getting to comunism, though.

  1. Billionpede: She is the leader and the biggest of all millionpedes. She is very strict and makes sure of spraying a pheromone that guarantees the loyalty of all her subjects. She is not the only one with this ability, though. She and her body guards travel throughout the whole colony. Her name is Bayne.
  2. Prophets: They are the only one with the power of the pheromone besides their leader. They are all female and the original daughters of the billionpede. Their loyalty is guaranteed and their pheromones reassure the loyalty of the followed generations.
  3. E&E (acronym of Eyes and Ears): They are sneaky millionpedes that make sure no millionpede is born without being sprayed by the loyalty pheromone. They wear armors, automatic lasers and grenade launchers all over their bodies.
  4. Bodyguards: They are the strongest millionpede and are in charge of protecting the billionpede. There are 20 of them and they follow the billionpede wherever she goes.
  5. Defense Squad: They are in charge of protecting the normal millionpedes. They wear armors and automatic lasers all over their bodies.
  6. Scientists: They are in charge of the construction and design of weapons for the bodyguards and the defense squad. They are the most intelligent of the colony.
  7. Body Agents: They are in charge of cleaning and healing the long bodies of the whole colony, including themselves. They are also in charge of putting on armors and weapons and cleaning them.
  8. Normal Citizens: They are in charge of collecting food and building towns and cities. When the billionpede passes through their towns, they have to give tribute to her.


They have extreme balance and can raise 30% of their bodies, giving them big balance. Some of them are heavily armed and protected and their antennas allow them to detect little and big animals around. All subjects are loyal to their leader and extremely no agressive to one another. They can travel over any type of groung, climbing mountains, swim..., too. They also can survive without the 40% of their bodies, if they have their heads. They also can expel toxins over their bodies for a short time.


Their feet are extremely easy to break. Their bodies are so long that they can't protect them, too.

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