The memorizator resembles a car radio like this one
Name Memorizator
Effect The collecting of data once it's been touched
Type Data collector
Creator Cybeavers
Introduced In "What Does It Do?"

The memorizator is a high-technologic device introduced in "What Does It Do?". It was created by the cybeaver species.


Little is known about its history. However, according to an HTS, they have worked on it for more than a year.

As seen in the episode, the cybeavers (on purpose) left the device in a random area. The memorizator was found by Cris soon after.

He and his friends at first decided to keep it without touching it for fear of what happened the last time they used a strange device. Soon, though, the curiosity became overwhelming, so they decided to find out what its function was.

They tried unsuccessfully to use it as a weapon, an explosive, a container and even as a GPS. However, the artifact was way too complicated and, when they got tired, they just threw it away and forgot everything about.

What they didn't know is that they had done what the cybeavers were just waiting for. They got it back, use it and ended the episode saying: "Two done, one to go", foreshadowing that they were going to do the same one more time.


It makes an analisis of any being that touches it. It is able to show weakneses, capacities and ADN mutation.

Known DataEdit


  • Weakness: Physical damage, fragile hyppocampus
  • Capacity: Nothing over the average
  • ADN Mutation Range: Low, reversible


  • Weakness: Physical damage, fragile body
  • Capacity: Over-the-average information processing
  • ADN Mutation Range: High, irreversible


  • Weakness: Low intelligence, mental disorders
  • Capacity: Over-the-average strength and velocity
  • ADN Mutation Range: Medium, reversible


  • Weakness: Weak emotionally
  • Capacity: Nothing over the average
  • ADN Mutation Range: Extreme, total change, irreversible


The only way to activated and see the recorded data is by saying the magic phrase: "Thou shall become one with the plan".