Megabeetles colony
On the map above, the green dots represent minor colonies, while the red one represents the main colony
Name Megabeetles colony
Type Colony
Ruler The queen of Megabeetles
Location Underneath every continent except Antarctica
Material of construction Soil
Inhabitants Megabeetles

The Megabeetles colony is where all Megabeetles live in. It is way the biggest structure ever built.


It is a series of million of caves and ducts. The biggest cave belongs to the queen, which is more voluminous than the biggest equumding. Every cave is the end of one duct. All ducts are illuminated by billions of small bacterias, only found several kilometers undergound, that have been used by the megabeetles.

Main PlacesEdit

  1. Palace: It is a huge cave where the queen habits in. It is the biggest cave and is located 5 km underneath Texas.
  2. Workers' Caves: Thousands of caves where Rhinoceros Megabeetles sleep in where are not working. There are the second biggest type of cave in the whole colony (between 70% and 45% of the Palace's size).
  3. Rest Zones: Small zones annex to the ducts. There is one of them for every 30 km in every duct and it is used for the Tiger Megabeetles as places where to rest as they travel. Each one of them can be occupied by two Tiger Megabeetles.
  4. Farms: Nearly a million of caves where Dung Megabeetles grow food, eat and live in. These caves are the most abundant caves in the colony and can be as big as 50% of the size of the Palace.
  5. Cleaning Areas: They are the places where Burying Megabeetles transport wastes. There they are either turned into fertilizers of absorbed by the soil.
  6. Childcares: Where baby megabeetles live and are taught. There are thousands of them and are usually located far away from the workers caves.
  7. Burying Megabeetles' Houses: Where Burying Megabeetles live in.
  8. Entrances: They connect the colony with the outside world. They are used by Burying Megabeetle to get rid of the soil left by the workers as they dig.


  1. Weight: About 500 billion tons.
  2. Height: Between 0 and -59 km.
  3. Total Length: More than 2,000,000,000 miles.
  4. Time Needed to Build: Still in progress