Megabeetles are not that different from the beetles shown here
Name Megabeetle
Ruler Bonia
Reside in Megabeetles' colony, underground in every continent except Antarctica
Special Characteristics They are isolated from the rest of the world
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Humans
Feeding Underground crows (most of them)

Wastes (dung megabeetles)

First Appearance "We're Going Underground"
Megabeetles are a huge species of insect that live underground in 2013. They live away from any other animal.


There are several subspecies and all of them have different colors. Their colors can be red, blu, green, gray, orange, purple among others, and their designs can be stripes and circles among others. Beside their size (as big as twice the size of an elephant), and their intelligence, they haven't changed that much from their ancestors.


They are ruled by a queen, but the other megabeetles can choose whether or not obey.

  1. Queen: She is the smartest and biggest megabeetle. She suggests decision and is the only one allowed to give orders. She is very mathernal with the others and hate any intruder. Her name is Bonia. She is gold-colored and is as big as two African Elephants.
  2. The Megabeetle People: They have different abilities, but the same freedoms and rights. They are subdivided into:

​Megabeetle PeopleEdit

  • Rhinoceros Megabeetle: They are the strongest and are in charge of construction. They are black and white-striped. They can be as big as 90% the size of the queen. They can lift as much as 9000 tons.
  • Tiger Megabeetle: They are the fastest and are in charge of transporting food and getting rid of the wastes produced by the Rhinoceros Beetles as they construct. They can be as big as an African Elephant. They are orange and white-striped. They can reach 1500 km/h.
  • Dung Megabeetle: They are in charge of growing food for the colony underground. They are the most abundant megabeetle and can have a lot of colors.
  • Burying Megabeetle: Males are in charge of turning poop and other leftovers in fertilizer as well as cleaning the tunnels. Females are in charge of taking care of all the infants. They have different colors and designs.


They are extremely intelligent to the point that they could isolate themselves from the rest of the world and create the biggest colony over the world. Comparing it with their size, they are the fastest and strongest animals on Earth. They have a pscific system and can see on the dark. They are all friendly with one another and rarely there are conflicts.


Sunlight could kill them as their skin is extremely sensible. Their lifespan is very short, too. Besides the queen, no megabeetle reaches to be 18 months old.

Minor Species
Abyssal Fish

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