As a lag-tar, Martil resembles a gecko like this one
Name Martil
Gender Male
Age Deceased
Species Lag-tars
Special ability Intelligence
Roll Recurring villain
Allies Lag-tars



Enemies Fabian T. Thomson

P.T. Scare

Cris Marcos


First Appearance "The Worst Sound: Wedding Bells"
Martil was a recurring villain of the series 2013. He was a lag-tar who replaced Laggo as one of the leaders of the species after his death.


Before the revolution, Martil was a wise-tar, term applied to the sons and daughters of the original lag-tars known for having been the only ones able to overcome Laggo's mind control.

After the wise-tars learned what really happened to their parents and species, they started planning their revenge against Laggo. Martil was in charge of supervising the technology devices.

After the wise-tars took over, Martil was the highest-ranked wise-tar who survived. Even though the wise-tars adopted a aristocrat government, Martil's word was considered to be worth more than anyone else's.

He planned one of the most sneaky plans ever by himself. The plan was to make Jen (the most recognized traitors and criminals) fall in love with him, and use her as a way to get to Fabian, P.T., Josh and Cris (his enemies). The plan worked as expected. Once the event was set, he announced his purposes, arrested Jen and tried to kill his mortal enemies. What he didn't know was Fabian and P.T. didn't believe the whole thing for a moment. So they were prepared. Fabian had analized the place and its weakest point. They destroyed the building without effort, hurting several guards. When he found himself cornered, he revealed his secrets weapons. The weapons knocked out P.T. and gave Martil time to escape. But Jen wouldn't allow that. She got to escape and defeat Martil. She would've killed him if it wasn't because a column collapsed and fell over Martil.

Martil got to survive but, due to his injuries, his left arm and leg became useless. He is know one of the weakest lag-tars and by far one of the most revengeful.

He dies in the episode of season 5 "Among Us", killed by the unseen assassin.


He was considered the smartest of the species, shown when he planned the whole wedding fiasco.


He is dead.

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