Season 1Edit

The first season started on May 26th, 2012 with "Here We Go..." and ended on June 17th with "Zombies of Evil: Part 1".

The first season introduces most of the characters and is based mostly on the interactions of the main characters with their new environment. The lag-tars are the main villains and appeared in most of the episodes or at least were mentioned.

Name # in Season (Overall) Synopsis

Here We Go...

1 (1)

A short review of the main characters' lives

...And Here We Are 2 (2) The main characters meet for the first time

The Most Wanted Ones

3 (3) The lag-tars make a plan to get rid of the humans
Meeting the Great Ruler 4(4) The main characters seek help from the elephexes

From Bad to Serpen

5 (5) The serpens trick Fabian, P.T. and Cris

The Enemy of My Enemy

6 (6)

The humans try to make an alliance with the equums species

We Are on Your Side

7 (7) The chameleontiuses make a deal with the humans

From the Sky

8 (8) The main characters are chased by aglos

Two Pests

9 (9) Fabian, P.T. and Cris lose their water and food


10 (10) The humans infiltrate into the pusplaties

One More Try

11 (11) The humans have to send a message in order to join the millionpedes

The City of Fear

12 (12) Fabian, P.T. and Cris get trapped in The City of Fear


13 (13) The main characters must escape from the hyenax species

We're Going Underground

14 (14) The humans find the megabeetles colony underground

A Problem with Chickens

15 (15) The main characters must fight the chickencorzes or die trying

A Big Solution

16 (16) Several species meet to decide how to handle the rest of humans

It's Our Turn Now

17 (17) The humans take over the pigmax species

A Crazy-er P.T.

18 (18) P.T. gets insane and starts attacking all creatures

Reinforcing a Treaty

19 (19) The main characters try to get a cameul of their own

You Have your Days Counted

20 (20) P.T. is bitten by a serpen

Zombies of Evil: Part 1

21 (21) All animals get infected with lecks

Season 2Edit

The second season started with the episode "Zombies of Evil: Part 2" on June 21st, 2012 and ended on July 9th with "The Revolution Part 1".

The lag-tars become a very hated and destroyed species throughout this season while Jenn becomes a recurring character. The batax become the first official species allied with the main characters, too. Futhermore, this season shows the evil side of Cris.

Name # in Season (Overall) Synopsis

Zombies of Evil: Part 2

1 (22)

Fabian must go in a quest to save his friends from the lecks

Cris, the Most Powerful

2 (23) Cris becomes the most powerful and unstoppable creature

The Untold Story of Josh

3 (24) Josh relates the story of his life

Inside the Cave

4 (25) The humans get trapped inside a cave full of bloodthirsty beast

Of Lag-tars and Serpens

5 (26) Lag-tars and Serpens try to join forces against their enemies

Another Opportunity

6 (27) Fabian, P.T., Cris and Josh get crazy because of the equumses

A Cure for Double Personality?

7 (28) The main characters try to cure the second personality of the bataxes

Dirty Job

8 (29) Laggo hires the hitcrabs to kill the humans and Josh

A Little Help?

9 (30) Laggo seeks the help of Tasha to avoid more conflicts

A Friend

10 (31) P.T. and the others meet Jen, a daughter of Laggo.

The Menace is Coming

11 (32) Serpens and humans work together in order to protect The Big One's Palace

Killing Machine

12 (33) Cris manipulates P.T. into retaking over the pigmax species

Eat Much and You'll Get Fat

13 (34) The main characters can't stop eating the most addictive plant on Earth.


14 (35) Fabian starts making works of art as a sleepwalker.

What Happened with Our Deal?

15 (36) Fabian, P.T., Cris and Josh must prevent from the billionpede to ruin their cover

Bird vs. Bird

16 (37) Chickencorzes and Aglos fight to death for the pleasure of eating the main characters

Leadership or Dare

17 (38) Fabian and P.T. decide to choose the leader of the group by daring each other

Helmet of Unfriendship

18 (39) The main characters' friendship is endangered when their fantasies are put in front

Don't Go There

20 (40) Each main character chooses a different and dangerous path

Welcome Back

21 (41) Jen rejoins the group, messing up P.T.


22 (42) All species suffer when an extreme heat wave strikes
The Revolution Part 1 23 (43) Wise-tars train the humans and Josh for their final battle

Season 3Edit

Season 3 started on July 15th, 2012 with "The Revolution Part 2" and ended with "Beyond Our Physical Capacities" on July 30th (so being the first season starting and ending within the same month). This is the shortest season of all, mainly due to the adding of some episodes to the fourth season. It contains the longest episode yet, though.

Jenn disappeared during this season, Laggo (main villain since the second episode of season 1) died and the lag-tar species becomes one of the strongest species. Even though, the lag-tars barely appeared this season, the cybeavers taking their place.

Name # in Season (Overall) Synopsis

The Revolution Part 2

1 (44) The Wise-tars start the war against Laggo's government

Copy Copy Copy

2 (45) P.T. gets obsessed with defeating the copyrrot species

Memories of a Villain

3 (46) Fabian and Cris infiltrate into the serpen species to persuade the Big One into coming back with their alliance


4 (47) P.T. and Josh try to recover some hitcrabs' reputation

High Techno

5 (48) Fabian joins the cybeaver to take revenge against his former friends

Nothing Before Negative

6 (49) P.T. becomes the megabeetles' ruler

What do You Sea?

7 (50) The main characters try to escape their enemies by moving in to the sea

The Omega Games

8 (51) Several species compete in several events to prove who is better than who

What Does It Do?

9 (52) The main characters try to find out what a weird device does

Weapons of Doom

10-11 (53-54) The lag-tars make a deal with the porcupines and the skurks, take over the chameleontiuses and try to kill the main characters

Sick of Being Sick

12 (55) When the humans get sick, Josh must take care of them

Claws of Evil

13 (56) P.T. turns evil and starts attacking others


14 (57) The elephexes suspect the cybeavers aren't what they seem to be

Town Hero

15 (58) P.T. becomes "The Forest Keeper", a hero that lives to save others

PSP: the Videogame

16 (59) P.T. gets addicted to a videogame he found

Feeling Fancy

17 (60) Josh and his friends try to educate a coyot, Randy

What Happened!?

18 (61) Fabian tells P.T. the story of what happened to them earlier

Beyond Our Physical Capacities

19 (62) The paramols make the humans go into a trance in order to find out what happened two years earlier.

Season 4Edit

The season 4 started on Aug 5th with the episode "Trapped", and ended up on September 4th with "Day of Darkness". Fourth season is by far the longest season with 29 episodes, mainly due to it containing originally third-season episodes and fifth-season episodes.

This season shows a lot of important changes, too. The lag-tars come back to be major characters, Jen comes back from second season, the first extraterrestial and non mutated species are shown (Chrached and Abysmal Fish respectively), Backup stories are shown, the Lost Trilogy and Cris stops being a main character to become an antagonist.

Name # in Season (Overall) Synopsis
Trapped 1 (63) The main characters must find a way to survive when they find themselves trapped inside a cave

The Worst Sound: Wedding Bells

2 (64) Jen thinks she'll be marrying Martil, but in fact everything is just a setup
Secrets of the Mountains 3 (65) Humans, copyrrots, cybeavers and lag-tars team up to find an acient treasure

Truth or Lie?

4 (66) The hitcrabs promise Josh and P.T. they will join them if they do their job for a while


5 (67) Fabian, P.T., Cris and Josh must get out of a labyrinth set by the cybeavers

The Real Scare

6 (68) P.T. becomes aware of his situation, freaks out and suffers a mental collapse

Vacation Time!

7 (69) The main characters, Jen and Randy decide to take a vacation, even though they have to share their spot with pusplaties

Vamos a Mexico

8 (70) Cris takes advantage of the Spanish-speaking puercorreyes

No One Defeats Destiny

9 (71) Fabian tries to avoid a vision he had from happening
Fight for Freedom 10 (72) The group plans to expose a tyrant of the turstles
He Grows Up So... Evil 11 (73) P.T. and Josh raise a baby lag-tar

Reptile Battle

12 (74) While lag-tars and serpens go to war, the main characters plan to kill the Big One

11,000 Meters Underwater

13 (75) Fabian sneaks into a cybeaver submarine in order to see what no one has ever seen
Get In, Get Him Out 14 (76) Our four heroes try to set Randy free from the lag-tar jail
Abducted! 15 (77) The humans and Josh are kidnapped by plutonians
Battle Training 16 (78) Jen attempts to teach the bataxes the art of fighting

Lost in Our Minds

17 (79) After an encounter with a snrain, our heroes must find a way to escape from their own minds
Lost in Time 18 (80) P.T. and Cris time travel to the year 4012
Lost in Another Reality 19 (81) The paramols send Fabian, P.T., Josh and Cris to another universe
I Don't Trust You 20 (82) Jen tries to regain P.T.'s trust

Election Period

21 (83) The main characters try to help a plasf to become the plasf leader
Sleep Deprivation 22 (84) Fabian, P.T., Josh and Cris lose their ability to sleep
Moment of Truth 23 (85) Cris decides to leave his friends to live on his own
Four Humans 24 (86) Fabian, P.T. and Josh try to find a so-called human girl

It's Alive!

25 (87) The cybeavers revive an extinct animal, the rhinocerous
How Dare You? 26 (88) The group of three starts distrusting one another
Ride to the Underworld 27 (89) Fabian and Josh try to recover P.T.'s soul from the underworld

A Day in the Ocean

28 (90) A day in the fizh world

Day of Darkness

29 (91) When the Yellowstone volcano erupts, all animals suffer

Season 5Edit

Season 5 is the last season of the series, beginning with the episode "Energy Source" on September 17th, and ending on October 5th with the episode "Venedict Strikes Back".

During this season, several characters with a lot of protagonism in other season barely appear (including Cris, who only stars in three episodes; the lag-tars, who only star in three episodes; and Randy, who only stars in one episode).

Cybeavers appear in almost all of the episodes, while Josh, Fabian and P.T. don't star in 6 episodes, the most amount within all seasons.

The battle trilogy is aired, several inventions of the cybeavers not seen since season 3 and Venedict reappear, the cybeavers take over the world, Randy becomes leader of the lag-tars, Jen and Martil die, radiodillos become the last species on making their debut, Cris becomes an antagonist and normal humans star for the first time.

Name # in Season (Overall) Synopsis

Energy Source

1 (92)

P.T. is kidnapped by the cybeavers, who use him as a power source
Among Us 2 (93) Several powerful leaders gather, but there is an assassin among them

3 (94)

P.T. and Josh wish to have more freedom, now they must survive their dream
Earth Invasion 4 (95) The Chrached try take the planet by force
One vs. Another 5 (96) Fabian, P.T. and Josh must fight... themselves!
Virtual Fight 6 (97) The main characters are trapped in a videogame
Conflicts Within the Group 7 (98) The main heroes seek guidance in order to stop their fights
P.T., Handicapped Hero 8 (99) P.T., by losing his right hand, can't do much
Battle For the Lag-tars 9 (100) Jen, Randy and the bataxes decide to take the lag-tar species by force

Battle For the Spiritual World

10 (101) The paramols fight to make Laggo's soul in Cris' body disappear
Battle For the World 11 (102) The cybeavers try to dethrone the elephexes
New Boss, New Rules 12 (103) Cybeavers, now world leaders, take action
Unreachable Love 13 (104) Jen passes her last days before dying with P.T.
Trapped... Again? 14 (105) P.T. gets trapped under a slolar
Being Watched is a Mental Feeling 15 (106) The main heroes are cornered by a strange figure
Psychic Painter 16 (107) Fabian starts painting the future
What Have You Unleashed! 17 (108) Fabian releases the tarsor and gets brainwashed by them

Scare x6

18 (109) P.T.'s multiple personalities become physically real

Humanity Rising

19 (110) Cris finds an acient tribe of Neanderthals
You Break It, You Fix It 20 (111) Fabian, P.T. and Josh must fix all of the solemren statues they have broken
Monster on the Loose 21 (112) Destructor escapes his prison and starts destroying everyone/everything
Quickly New Villains Appear 22 (113) The cybeavers use the radiodillos' abilities to create new beasts

Venedict Strikes Back

23 (114) Venedict wants to join the main characters' group


One special has aired and other two are to air.

Specials differenciate themselves from regular episodes because of their length and content.


# Synopsis Length
Where We Have Gotten 1 A short review of what has happened throughout the series. 1 hour
The End 2  ??? 0.45 hours
2015: Here We Go 3  ???  ???