Lecks are descendants of leeches like this one, who are also parasites
Name Leck
Ruler Mondra
Reside in North America, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela
Special Characteristics They feed on cerebral information
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Almost any species
Feeding Mental Waves
First Appearance "Zombies of Evil: Part 1"
Leck is dangerous species on the series 2013. They are the descendants of modern leeches. Unlike their ancestors, they feed on information instead of blood.


They look like colorful leeches. Their colors can vary from red to yellow. Their teeth are visible and resemble a vacuum.


They have what could be called a communist government. They are ruled by the queen, who controls each of them from a base by mental control.

  1. The Great Leck: The biggest, strongest and the only leck who thinks by herself. She has a control power that allow her to control all lecks at the same time everywhere they are. She doesn't move and her food is transmitted by her subjects through telepathy. She is as big as a Pusplaty and her name is Mondra.
  2. Secret Guardians: They are trained lecks that have the mission of killing any being that gets close to them by sucking essential, cerebral information. There are millions of them and they protect the City of the Brain, where the great leck is in. They are ironically the smallest lecks.
  3. Fertilized Lecks: They are special female lecks that have the power of give birth to a lot of baby lecks every week. Their function is mainly reproductive. They are also in charge of teaching the little lecks to do their job. These lecks have not the power to suck cerebral information.
  4. Parasites: The most important and wide-spread lecks. They are in charge of looking for victims, adhere themselves to them, suck their information make their leader able to control their minds as the parasites send her information (food) to her and the other lecks. They can spend weeks moving without eating or drinking. Once they suck all the informacion of their hosts, they die.


Some of them can spend weeks without getting any type of nutrient. They are sneaky and once they adhere themselves to a host, the Great Leck will control their minds getting new and more powerful subjects temporally. Some can go even farther, killing their host instaneously as a defense method. They spread real fast, too.


They are small and hated. Parasites don't live long and the Great Leck doesn't move. Lecks are basically nonthinking beings as they are zombies of the their leader and, if she moved, all her subjects would let her. Parasites don't live more than a few weeks either. And finally, pepper is poisonous to them.

Minor Species
Abyssal Fish

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