Laggo is the leader of the lag-tars, born as gecko similar to this one
Name Laggo
Gender Male
Age Undead
Species Lag-tars
Special ability He could cheat Death
Roll Major Villain
Allies Cris Marcos
Enemies Fabian T. Thomson

P.T. Scare








First Appearance "...And Here We Are"
Laggo was a major villain that appears in the series 2013. He was the most powerful and evil lag-tar that had ever been shown yet.


According to the wise-tars, Laggo wasn't born as a lag-tar. He is one of the few that was born as the lag-tar species' ancestor species: the gecko.

After the catastrophe, he was the oldest male that survived, which made it easy for him to become the leader. He was very busy planning the future, so he didn't have time to reproduce. After 6 months, the lag-tar species has grown from a little more than a thousand to more than 1,000,000. This made Laggo get worry that he wouldn't have control over so many lag-tars. That's when he decided to do something that would change everything.

He saw how lecks worked, so he decided to find how an animal could control such a huge amounts of beings, alone. After weeks looking for the lecks' leader, he didn't find one, but two. He found out that lecks were mind-controlled by their leader.

He killed the male leader (unknowingly killing half the leck population) and took his brain out. He told the most intelligent lag-tars that he needed the brain he got inside of him, or he would die. Without thinking twice, they did it.

Once he was fully recovered, he killed the lag-tars that made him the surgery as a way to keep it as a secret. Soon all the lag-tars were mind-controlled, except the sons and daughters of the lag-tars that Laggo had killed (now known as the wise-tars). Laggo thought of killing them all, but he knew if another wise-tar notice this, there could be a riot he couldn't control.

He almost lost the war against the chameleontiuses due to his wrong tactics, and in so many tries he couldn't get Fabian, Cris, P.T. and (later) Josh. This and the discovery of the secret of Laggo made them decide to start making clandestine weapons and planning to kill Laggo.

Laggo finally died near the end of "The Revolution Part 2". After fighting, defeating and killing 9 wise-tars, Fabian, P.T. and Cris join the fight against him. At the beginning he stood up well, but because of the practice with the wise-tars they had had, they finally got to block him and hit him so hard that he fell off the tower they were fighting on, dying after getting onto the floor.

He, however, made a small apperance in the season finale of the season that he ironically died in ("Beyond Our Physical Capacities"), informing Cris of how to take over the world (not shown), stating "you are by far one of the most evil creatures I've had contact with after perishing" with the only condition being that he'd destroy the whole lag-tar species for him. Cris' desicion is not shown. He also told the guys to go back to the physical world as they were going to be killed if they wouldn't have, too.

He has made some minor appearances in some episodes afterwards. He became a recurring villain once again in season 5, possessing Cris Marcos.


He is a sadistic, possesive and controlling being. He will kill and has actually killed anyone who is against him.


He can (and did) possess Cris, making him somehow immortal.


As he is technically dead, he can only exist in the material world through Cris' body.

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