Geckos like this one mutated into the lag-tars
Name Lag-tars
Ruler Laggo
Reside in North America
Special Characteristics They are ruled by a male (Laggo)
Roll Main Villains
Enemy species Humans





Feeding Equums
First Appearance "...And Here We Are"
Lag-tars are a gecko-like species that mutated from the geccos after the catastrophe of 2012 in the series 2013. They are the first mutated series that were shown in the series after humans.


They look like giant reptiles and no much of their gecko's anatomy has changed. Their bodies are strong and have very large noses and toes. Besides that, they look like regular geckos.


Lag-tars are the only group that is dominated by a male. The hierarchy is as follows:

Oldest HierarchyEdit

  1. Great Master Lag-tar: The leader, strongest, and biggest lag-tar. He also has the power to control all the lag-tars by controlling their minds. His actual name is Laggo.
  2. Main Race: Sons and daughters of the Great Master. They are bigger than the average but no as big as their father. They can be controlled by their father. Gina is the oldest and the one with the most power after Laggo.
  3. Wise-tars: The most intelligent of the lag-tars. They have the same abilities as regular lag-tars, however they are so smart that they can't be controlled by the great master. They really are making a conspiration to destroy the great master, get his powers, and take over the world. Their leader is Magyo. The fact that they can't be controlled by Laggo is the reason of why he gave such a position to them.
  4. Great Master's wives: Wives of the great master. There are six of them. They decide the rules and lead trials.
  5. Lag-tar Army: The strongest and dumbest of the lag-tars. They go to fights and they form nearly the 65% of lag-tars. They are leaded by the wise-tar Monty.
  6. Prisoners: Any one that needs to be controlled to behave and/or disobeys the great-master's wives. Most of them are killed.

Older HierarchyEdit

From the episode "The Revolution Part 2" on, a new hierachy has been made. With Laggo being killed and the wise-tars being the rulers:

  1. Committee: The former wise-tars that had led the revolution. There are 8 of them and they rule over the whole species, so making laws and deciding trials. They are the strongest former wise-tars.
  2. Governors: Former wise-tars that rule over the different colonies. They led different troops during the revolution and there are 30 of them.
  3. Lag-tar Army: The dumbest of the lag-tars. They go to fights and they form nearly the 65% of lag-tars. They are leaded by the wise-tar Monty. They are the only ones that whose job didn't change at all.
  4. HCS (Human Control Squad): The strongest of the species. They have only one mission: find and kill the humans. They have the highest technology of the species with them.
  5. Useless Group: They used to be the main race and great master's wives members. Once the species was taken over, the wise-tars didn't find something that they could've worked on, so they just put them in jail. They are not appreciated at all.

Newer HierarchyEdit

Since the episode "Battle for the Lag-tars", Randy became the first non-lag-tar leader, although he can't make decisions without the new committee's consent:

  1. Leader: Randy
  2. Committe: They are the only ones that can pass laws and regulations, though can't make rules.
  3. Lag-tar People: The rest of the species.


They are fast, really strong and can adhere to anything, as normal geckos. They can also feel nearly moves.


Their skin can be damaged for even an edge of a plate, (which is why they use armors). They can be killed if hit on the skull with enough strength and they're mostly stupid.


As some characters, the lag-tars have a counterpart that appears in the episode "Lost in Another Reality", the tar-lags.


They are black and have big fangs. They are twice as big as the lag-tars.


They are three times stronger than the lag-tars, besides faster.


They die if exposed to temperatures lower than 28 degrees, or higher than fifty.

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