Josh is a cameul, very similar to this camel
Name Josh
Gender Male
Age Less than a year old
Species Cameul
Special ability Kindness
Roll Main Character
Allies Fabian T. Thomson

Cris Marcos

P.T. Scare

Enemies All animals
First Appearance "Reinforcing a Treaty"
Josh the transporter cameul is one of the main characters in the series 2013.


Born in October 30th, 2013, Josh was born as a transporter cameul. At the age of two months, he started to learn all about his future proffesssion. He, though, was disagreed. He believed that cameul should be free, and not slaves of species that only wanted to kill each other. He was ignored anyways.

On January 2014, Josh was called to serve his leaders. As a cameul, he accepted even though he was against it. He was sent to a small colony of lag-tars where he witnessed that his brothers and sisters were being exploited, locked up and sometimes even eaten. Josh got to escape, and when he told what he saw to the countess of cameuls what was happening, she ordered imediately to talk to Laggo about it. Those lag-tars were arrested for violating the Neutrality Pact and Josh was rewarded with 4 months of freedom. This, however, didn't stop the trait of cameuls, which upsetted Josh.

On April, Fabian, P.T. and Cris tried to claim a cameul pf their own in "Reinforcing a Treaty". Even though they were rejected for being considered a thread, Josh decided to sneak out and join the humans. Since, they have become good friends. All this was explained in the episode "The Untold Story of Josh".


He is very kind and generous, showing it by disobeying the orders of his leaders. He is also very positive, without getting to be as clueless as P.T. Finally, he seems to really appreciate his new bosses and be loyal to them.


He communicates through telepathy and is very smart. He can travel thousands of miles and he has a special marksmanship on shooting lasers.


Since he is now working for the most wanted beings on Earth and as a result of him having disobeyed orders from his leaders, he is really hated and a lot of beings seek to kill him.


As some characters, Josh has a counterpart that appears in the episode "Lost in Another Reality", Ben.


He is extremely aggressive when he feels cornered. In fact, he joined the group after being exiled by his species for being unnecessarily aggressive.


He is big and strong. He is able to shoot lasers, too.