She is a gecco-like creature, as most lag-tars
Name Jen
Gender Female
Age Deceased
Species Lag-tars
Special ability None
Roll Recurring character
Allies P.T. Scare

Cris Marcos


Fabian T. Thomson

Enemies Lag-tars




First Appearance "A Friend"
Jen was a recurring character that appeared in the series 2013. She was the only known lag-tar that wasn't evil (at least at the end).


As a main race lag-tar, she is the daughter of laggo, leader of the lag-tars. She always had what she wanted, was highly respected and the only thing she has really done in her life was (briefly) spy on her father's 3 mortal enemies in the episode "A Friend".

At the end, though, she decided to betray her species by quitting and confessing to the guys she was spying on what she was really up to. Althought really mad at the beginning, P.T. (her now closest friend) offers her to join them. She, however, knowing that while she stays near them they would be followed by the rest of her species, declines and leaves. She asks them explicitly go on the opposite path she was taking and so her father wouldn't be able to track them. Before going, she states to P.T. that she will find a way for them to be togheter. Then she dissappears in the woods.

She reappears in "Welcome Back", where she decides to stay with the group of P.T. Soon this causes tension between Fabian, Cris and P.T. At the end she decides to abandon them once again, knowing that their frienship and safety were in danger, leaving P.T. heartbroken again by doing so.

She stars for the first time without the P.T. and the main characters in "Battle Training", where she teaches the bataxes to fight, and "Battle for the Lag-tars", where she dethroned the lag-tar government.

She appears for the last time in "Unreachable Love", where she and P.T. finally reveal their feeling for each other. She, however, dies at the end, due to aging.

The way she avoids her father's mind control is unknown. This could be because she actually fell in love with P.T. or because Laggo deactivated his power on her in case that Fabian would destroy her cover.


At first she was very conceited, annoying and irritable. However, after she starts hanging out with P.T., she became more like him: happy, funny and strong. She ultimately became so noble that she decided to live by her own and be chased by a whole species than betraying the best friends she had ever had.


She was known to be the only main race lag-tar that stopped being controlled by Laggo, besides her lag-tar abilities: to adhere herself to any surface, move fast and feel nearly movements.


She is dead.

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