A hyena like this one eventually mutated into a hyenax
Name Hyenax
Reside in North America, Africa, Australia and Asia
Special Characteristics They are one the smallest mutated creatures on Earth
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Humans



Feeding Anything
First Appearance "Hyenaxes"
Hyenax is one of the most powerful beings in the series 2013. They are the animals that mutated from hyenas after the catastrophe of 2012.


They look like regular hyenas but without legs or feet. Their sizes have been reduced to a few centimeters.


As most mutated animals, they are ruled by females. However, they don't have a very organized society.

  1. Hyyye: She is the only ruler without an official title. She is 30 cm long and the biggest hyenax. Even though she is a ruler, she doesn't have much power more than being the strongest of all hyenax.
  2. Hyens: All female hyenaxes and the rulers of the male hyenoxes. They can reach a length of 22 cm.
  3. Hyenoxes: Male hyenaxes. They have not any power at all and are not allowed to take their long desicions. They can reach a length of 8 cm, but there are 6 hyenoxes for every hyen.


Althought they are very small, they can move as fast as 20 miles per hour. They can chew even the skin of the elephexes. They reproduce to a very high rate too: 10 hyenaxes from one hyen, and they can reproduce every day.


They can be killed by stepping on them. Hyens die after turning 8 months if they are lucky, while hyenoxes don't usually reach the 5 months. They aren't a very organized society either.

Minor Species
Abyssal Fish

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