Most of hitcrabs mutated from red crabs like tis one
Name Hitcrab
Ruler Tania
Reside in North and South America
Special Characteristics They are assassins that follow orders from other species
Roll Minor Villain
Enemy species Humans


Feeding Small animals, their victims and their rewards
Hitcrab is a mutated species on the series 2013. Their name is a wordplay of their ancestors (crabs) and their job (hitman).


They look little like their ancestors. They can be as large as a small house and have 2-4 tongs. They have 10-12 extremities in total (two feet, 2-4 tongs and 6 secondary feet on their chest). They can both walk upright or slide over their secondary feet. They are usually black or dark blue and most of the time they wear masks, special clothes and heavy weapons. Their mouths are full of teeth, too. Their eyes have changed little from their ancestors, though.


More than a government, they have what it seems to be a corporation. Their leader is female.

  1. The Boss: She gives orders to her subjects after getting a request. She is the most intelligent hitcrab and one of the biggest. She never goes to missions and her name is Tania.
  2. Scientists: They are in charge of the development of new technologies for the others hitcrabs. They don't go to missions.
  3. Full Assassins: The biggest, most effective and most expensive hitcrab group. They are blue, as big as a small house and have two tongs. They are in charge of either assassin important and high animals or animals that the other hitcrabs failed on killing.
  4. Second Class League: The biggest group. They have a size between the full assassins and the private hitcrabs, two tongs and usually have heavy weapons.
  5. Private Hitcrabs: The cheapest and weakest group. They are faster than any other hitcrab and are in charge of missions that have something to do with killing minor beings without leaving evidence.
  6. Dealers: The smallest hitcrabs. They don't go to missions. Instead, they are the ones who get the money and target and transmit the information to the boss. They are as small as Cockroachesimonctergonnes.


They are strong, fast, big and are usually heavily armed. Their tongs can destroy rocks and they can sneak by sliding over their secondary feet. They can spend weeks without eating and without getting weak, too.


Their main weakness is their dependency. They get money and food from either their victims or their employers. Besides, they need to be close to water and their eyes are sensible, too.

Minor Species
Abyssal Fish

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