Flower of Fatness
The Flower of Fatness looks very similar to the unbloomed form of their ancestors: the sunflower (pictured)
Name Flower of Fatness
Reside in North America
First Appearance "Eat Much and You'll Get Fat"
The Flower of Fatness is a minor species of mutated flowers that appears in the series 2013. They mutated from sunflowers.


They look like a sunflower that hasn't bloomed yet. Only as big as an eggplant. It can reach a height of 1.5 meters, too.


The Flower of Fatness gets its name due to a juice it contains, which has very addictive properties. Once a creature eats it, its body starts shivering and the brains releases several enzymes which make the creature want to eat more and more. In conclusion, the creature becomes addictive to to the plant.

The juice, besides addictive, is rich in proteins and sugars. After eating some, the creature's body starts retaining fat and the excretion process stops working. In extreme cases, the creature can increase up to 190 kg a day.

If the creature keeps eating it, eventually its cholesterol will increase until its veins collapses, its heart stops pounding and the animal dies. Once dead, its belly will tear open, releasing thousands of seeds. The seeds will eventually grow and become adults within 4 weeks and the process will start over.


There is no known cure to stop the addiction itself while having the plant inside one. However, there is a painful way to get it out. If the creature doesn't eat the plant within 28 hours, the enzimes that the flower produces in order to avoid being excreted run out, and all the flowers get out of the system within minutes. It may sound easy to achieve, but it is needed a lot of self-control to stop eating the addictive flower.


In very weird occassions, even when the plant abandons the system, the creature may start having nightmares and do weird things as a sleepwalker, such as when it happened to Fabian in "Sleep-Fabian-er".


They don't usually live long.

Non-Character Species
Flower of Fatness