Receptors (one of the most important type of fizh) mutated from whale sharks as this one
Name Fizh
Ruler Marvileon
Reside in All oceans
Special Characteristics They are the most diverse and abundant species
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Aglo
Feeding One another (most of them)

Plankton (receptors)

Fizh is a minor species in the series 2013. They are mutated fish and the most abundant being on Earth.


There are so many types that it is imposible to name them all, since they haven't changed from their ancestors the fish. The only fizh that has really changed is their leader, who has 7 extremities (2 flippers, 1 tail and 4 legs) and is as big as 5 blue whales. She is white with a big, black line on her belly. (See here for more information about them).


They are ruled by a huge female. Their government looks more like a pascific anarchy, though.

  1. The Monster: She is the leader and for much the biggest sea animal that has ever existed. She has a sonar similar to the ones whales and dolphins used to have, but several times stronger. Her signal could be heard on the Moon if the receptors were there. Althought huge and powerful, she is very pascific. The exact animal she mutated from is not clear, as she is the only one of her kind. Her name is Marvileon.
  2. Receptors: Ex-whale sharks able to receive the monster's messages. They are really loyal and strict. They can be as big as 20% of the monster's size, being the second beings in size.
  3. Officers: They follow the orders of the receptors and make sure all the other fizhes follow them as well. They mutated from white sharks. They are bigger and faster than their ancestors.
  4. Royal Guardians: They can be as big as a small receptor and the only ones besides the monster with the ability to survive on land. When on land, they move like lecks unlike the monster, as they lack of legs. They are mutated tiger sharks.
  5. Abysmal Officers: As neither normal officers nor the monster are able to go to the abyss, these mutated angler fish are in charge of the law enforcement down there. They are the fastest fizhes. They are way bigger than their ancestors.
  6. Normal Fizhes: All the other fizhes without any official title. They form more than 99.92% of the whole species. They have changed on either size, color or intelligence.


The monster can transmit messages that only receptors can perceive. She also can live inside and outside the water as well as the royal guardians. Abysmal officers can see on the darkness.


On land they are vulnerable. They have kept on eating one another, too, destroying their unity and trust.

Minor Species
Abyssal Fish

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