Fabian T. Thomson
After the disaster in 2012, Fabian's brain changed in size dramatically
Name Fabian T. Thomson
Gender Male
Age 14
Species Human
Special ability The most intelligent being on Earth
Roll Main Character
Allies P.T Scare

Cris Marcos


Enemies Most of mutated animals
Fabian Theodore Thomson is one of the main characters of 2013. He is a genius with a very difficult past.


Born in Las Vegas, Nevada on December 28, 1999, he was always a very intelligent person. In 2005, he was violated by his aunt and, because of their parents not believing in him, he started developing a weird behavior. In 2010, he tried to commit suicide, but was stopped by one of his classmates. However, Fabian assassinated him in a flipped-out state. When he woke up and found out what he had done, he escaped to a very far mountain called the Wheeler Peak, when he started to make his inventions come to life. When the global disaster occured, Fabian saved himself by hiding in one of his machines. However, the machine didn't stop radiation from making him mutate into a monster. His body was destroyed and his brain, that was exposed to the radiation, grew up three times its size. He got into a hibernation state until December 29th, 2013. After days looking for more survivors, he found P.T Scare and Cris Marcos. And after almost being killed by some Lag-tars, he accepted to join their group.


Because of his experiences, he is very cold. He is the only one who didn't care about the extermination of humanity. When someone tries to joke with him, he stays neutral and doesn't seem to be bothered for others' deaths.


He levitates, can control little objects and can detects others' presence. He can also control the body of those who allow him to do so. He can shoot beam lasers and make shields around him, too. He is the most intelligent being on Earth.


He can't use his body as it was destroyed, and he is very weak to physical damage.


As some characters, Fabian had a counterpart in the season 4 episode episode "Lost in Another Reality", Tabian F. Jackson.


His personality resembles P.T.'s, happy, naive and dumb.


He is almost as strong and fast as P.T., and also smarter than him.


His naivety and lack of limits usually get himself and friends into trouble.