Termite Mounds as this one resemble equumdings
Name Equumdings
Type Building
Ruler Several queens
Location North America, Africa and Europe
Material of construction Soil, rocks, diamonds and saliva
Inhabitants Equums

Equumdings are large buildings where equums live in. They are the tallest buildings that have ever been built.


They look like giant towers. They are light brown and have several windows. Every floor has a ring that divides one floor from another. They can be as high as 3 km tall.

Main PlacesEdit

  1. Royal Room: It is a palace where the queens live in. It is on the top part of all the equumdings. In case of problems, it has a escape capsule in case of problems. It is the smallest floor.
  2. Stallions Room: The room where stallions live in. It is the room bellow the royal room. It is very luxurious, but not as luxurious as the royal room. It also has a escape capsule.
  3. Highest Builders: From the third highest to floor to the first alarm zone. It is where some builders live and work in.
  4. First Alarm Zone: A zone with the first squad of sentinels. In case of trouble, the sentinel(s) is(are) in charge of turn on the alarm.
  5. Assistance Rooms: A set of floors where assistants live in. It has some kind of luxury.
  6. Medium Builders: From the floor bellow the assistance rooms to the second alarm zone where some more builders live in.
  7. Second Alarm Zone: A zone where the second of squad of sentinels are in.
  8. Carriers Places: The biggest zone that comes from bellow the Second alarm Zone to the Low Builders where carriers live. It can occupy 20% of the whole equumding.
  9. Low Builders: The lowest set of rooms where builders live.
  10. Third Alarm Zone: A floor where the third squad of sentinels are in.
  11. Seekers Rooms: A set of rooms where the suicide and seek equums live in. It lacks of any type of luxury.
  12. Farmers Place: It is where the farmers live in. It has some type of luxury.
  13. Fourth Alarm Zone: The lowest alarm zone.
  14. Supporter: It is a floor designed to support the rest of the building. It is made out of diamond and rocks inside.
  15. Basement: A huge area where the farmers grow the mushrooms for the colony. It can be as big as 90 km of circumference and as deep as 25 meters undergroumd.

(Note: Because builders never stop working and the amount of equums varies, there is not an accurate way to define an equumding. That was just an average).


They all have stairs on the inside to make accessible for the carriers to do their job. The royal room and others have several jewels, luxuries and some other comforts.


  1. Weight: As heavy as 2700000 tons
  2. Height: As high as 3 km
  3. Amount of Floors: As many as 800
  4. Time Needed to Build: Builders are always working