African Elephants and some other survivors of the species mutated into Elephexes
Name Elephex
Ruler Tasha
Reside in North America, South America, Africa,Asia and Europe
Special Characteristics They are the biggest beings that have ever existed and they rule the planet
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Humans
Feeding Grass
First Appearance "Meeting the Great Ruler"
Elephex are the lead species in the series 2013. They are mutated elephants and actual governors of the world.


They are the species that least changed after the catastrophe of 2012. They look the same as regular elephants, which the only difference being the size. When walking in two feet, they reach 30-60 meters tall and weigh 200-450 tons, the biggest mammals that've ever existed. Their trunks are huge, too; at least as long as a regular tennis court, the longest being 63 meters long.


As most of the current species, they are ruled by a female.

  1. Grand Woman: The tallest reaching a height of 62 meters. She is in the most powerful being in Earth. Her name is Tasha.
  2. Middle Women: Most of the other female elephex. Their height comes from 45 to 60 meters. They form the 56% of all elephex. They are the only ones that are allowed to reproduce and they are the direct ruler of males.
  3. Great Male: The original spouse of the grand woman. He can only be ruled by the grand woman but he can't rule any elephex. His height is 58 meters. His name is Ponth.
  4. Warriors: The ones that go to war and defend the higher-class elephexes. Each one of them is strong enough to either lift the grand woman or at least the great male. They form 40% of the species. Their heights comes from 44 to 59 meters.
  5. Weaks: Males whom only job is to reproduce with middle women as they aren't strong enough to be warriors. They don't have much rights and some of them have the most dangerous missions. They are also called disposable ones. Their heights don't reach the 42 meters. They form more than 3.9% of all elephex.


They are all huge and their skin only can be damaged by diamonds. They can spend two weeks without eating and can mentally communicate with one another at a distance of 4000 km.


Mostly because of their size, they are slow. The fastest elephex can't walk to a speed higher than 30 km/h.

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