Beavers like this one mutated into cybeavers, losing their ability to build dams
Name Cybeaver
Ruler Susan
Reside in North America
Special Characteristics They are the highest-technological species on Earth
Roll Major Villains
Enemy species Humans



Feeding Metal, small insects and wood
First Appearance "Helmet of Unfriendship"
Cybeaver is a mutated species that appears in 2013. They are mutated beavers and the most technologically advanced species on Earth.


They haven't changed that much from their ancestors. However, due to the fact that their weapons and devices cover most of their bodies, they look more like robots than animals. Their tails have something that looks like a metallic and sharp quill. They wear pink glasses, too.

The only thing they have actually changed physically is their color. They are white and black-striped.


They are ruled by a female, as most of species and their government is similar to a democracy.

  1. Master Cybeaver: The biggest and strongest cybeaver. She is very irritable but still a kind leader. She is more like a supervisor than a leader as she is always monitoring the HTS. Her name is Susan.
  2. HTS (High-Tech Specialists): Scientists of the colony. They are in charge of the production and development of new technologies. They are the weakest and most intelligent cybeavers.
  3. Defense Squad: Cybeavers specially trained to protect the colony. Unlike the other cybeavers, they only wear weapons, fact that makes them unable to perform other types of functions. (See abilities bellow).
  4. Finders: They are in charge of "find" all the needs and tools that their colonies need. This comes from basically everything from food and water to metal. However, they are more like thieves than anything. They form nearly 75% of the whole species.
  5. Spreaders: In case of a successful invention, they are in charge of spread it. They are the fastest and most hard-working cybeaver.
  6. Lab Cybeavers: They are in charge of testing all the instruments developed by the HTS. They are strong, loyal and foolish. They are also the least appreciated cybeavers.


They are one of the most intelligent beings on Earth. Their technology besides protect him, has allowed them to avoid diseases and parasites (such as Lecks). They are able to shrink themselves, become temporally invisible, shoot lasers, see infrared rays, paralize their victims by producing a high-pitched sound and produce physical harm with their tails. Their armor is stronger than diamonds, but lighter than aluminium. Finally, the defense squad is equipped with cannons, bomb launchers and rockets.


All the abilities listed above are not theirs. Their weapons and tecnology allow them to do those abilities but, without them, they are totally powerless, harmless and helpless.


As some characters, the cybeavers had a counterpart that appeared in "Lost in Another Reality", the Cyverbea.


They are giagantic beasts (at least 6 meters tall when in two feet), with a deadly and powerful tail, sharp teeth and powerful claws. They basically look like a big version of a beaver.


They are strong, fast and big. They can build impenetrable damps taller than the one people used to build.


They are considered the most primitive beings on Earth. Mentally, they resemble coyotses.

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