Even though they don't look like, coyotses mutated from coyotes
Name Coyots
Ruler Doroun
Reside in The City of Fear, (Former Foster), Rhode Island, U.S.A
Special Characteristics They are the most aggressive beings on Earth
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Humans


Feeding Any animal they can find (alive or dead)
First Appearance "The City of Fear"
Coyots are a mutated species in the series 2013. They are mutated coyotes and the most feared animals on Earth.


They look very little like their ancestors. They can be as long as 8 meters and as tall as 2 meters. Their fangs resemble sabers and their skin is either black or dark gray. Their tails are sharp and can open up a human skull. Their eyes are red and can hypnotize some beings with fear.


They are ruled by a female and have a fascist government.

  1. Demoniac: She is the biggest and strongest of all coyotses. She is 8 meters long and 2 meter from feet to shoulders. She is extremely aggressive and will kill any being that doesn't obey her. Her name is Doroun.
  2. Preservers: They are in charge of making sure that demoniac doesn't get out of control. In that case, they will attack her. One of them can't defeat demoniac alone, so they are always in groups.
  3. Law Enforcement: They make sure that anybody is following rules. If someone isn't, they will attack him/her and kill him/her.
  4. Hunters: They will look for food. They can hunt, but they prefer to look for animals that are already dead.


They are extremely aggressive, strong and big. They can hypnotize other beings by looking at their eyes and they are able to produce howls strong enough to paralyze most of the animals. Unlike some other species, all of the coyotses are born strong and ready to kill. They are really fast, too.


They are not very intelligent or united. They usually kill one another and they are fated to extinct in some decades, as more coyotses die than are born. Unlike other creatures, they only live in The City of Fear, so they are not diffused well.

Minor Species
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