Cockroachesimonctergonnes aren't really very different to this modern cockroach
Name Cockroachesimonctergonnes
Ruler Cocke
Reside in Every continent (except the Antarctica)
Special Characteristics They can become a ball as hard as diamonds
Roll Recurring Villains
Enemy species Humans


Feeding Anything they can chew
First Appearance "Two Pests"
Cockroachesimonctergonnes (Cocks for short) are a slightly mutated species in 2013. They are one of the few insects that survived after the catastrophe of 2012. They are mutated cockroaches.


They are one-meter-long cockroaches with a big armor on their backs and dragonfly-like eyes and grasshoppers-like legs.


They are ruled by a female and have the most complicated system of all creatures.

  1. Queen: She rules the cocks. Even though rulers are usually bigger than the ones they rule upon, she has gotten this too extreme: She is 40 times bigger than the biggest cock and more than 1200 times their weight. Her name is Cocke.
  2. Royal Servants: They take care of the queen's needs. They don't rule upon anybody, though.
  3. Royal Speakers: The one in charge of communicating the queen's order. They don't have any power either.
  4. Advisers: They give advises to the queen. They do not have power to rule anybody.
  5. Guardians: They make sure that all of the above mentioned are safe from any danger. They have not power.
  6. Chiefs: In charge of doing what is best for the colony. They have power to give orders to anybody but the above mentioned.
  7. Feeders: They look for food for the colony.
  8. LES (Law Enforcement Squad): They are in charge of getting rid of traitors and make sure that the chiefs and queen's rules are obeyed.
  9. Gossipers: They are 20-centimeter-long cocks and the smallest and fastest of all cocks. In case of traison, they are in charge of telling so to the LES. They follow feeders, guardians and royal speakers. They have neither rights nor power.
  10. Entertainers: In charge of entertaining the colony. They basically make sure that everybody gives their max.
  11. Maintenance: They make sure that all the cocks have a clean environment to work in.
  12. Doctors: They cure sick and wounded cocks.
  13. Suicide Squad: They have special substances in their bodies and can make themselves explode at will to save a higher-ranged cock.
  14. Cointainers: In case of shortage, these cocks can open their shell and die and, in that way, the colony can eat them and survive a little longer. One out of 5 cocks are containers.


They can fly as fast as 150 miles per hour and are very adaptable to any condition. In case of danger they can become a ball like an armadillo and, in that state, they are as hard as diamonds. They are quiet, and the containers can explode in a gross substance that temporally palaryzed any intruder in an area of 24 feet.


They are really thieves and can't get preys of their own. Their mouths can't get to chew anything harder than an apple.

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