Chickens like this one are the ancestors of the chickencorzes
Name Chickencorz
Ruler Jenmy
Reside in North America, Guatemala and Belize
Special Characteristics They strangely resemble a prehistoric and extincted bird
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Humans







Feeding Any being that moves
First Appearance "A Problem with Chickens"
Chickencorz is a species that mutated from chickens after the catastrophe of 2012. They appear in 2013.


They are scary, giant creatures. They have the shape of their ancestors but can be as big as 6 people. They are usually dark-colored and their feet are incredibly strong with long, sharp claws. Their beaks are very thick.

Curiously, chickencorzes resemble their ancestors' ancestors


They are ruled by a female, but they are independent from her. Their status depends on their abilities.

  1. Big Mom: The leader, strongest, fastest, biggest and most aggressive of all chickencorzes. She would attack and assassin any being that crosses in front of her, except other chickencorzes. She can run as fast as 200 km/h and lift stuff 3 times her weight. Her name is Jenmy.
  2. Big Predators: They are the second ones in size and the only ones strong enough to handle the big mom. They can be as big as 98% of big mom's size.
  3. Fast Demons: They are the second ones in speed and can reach 99% of the big mom's maximum speed. They are the fourth ones in strenght.
  4. Evil Monsters: They are incredibly aggressive and the third ones in strength. They will attack any being that moves, except for anothes chickencorz.
  5. Brainiacs: They are the most intelligent of all chickencorzes. Unfourtanely, because intelligence is not a well-appreciated ability in their species, they aren't considered "worthy". They plan attacks and rarely hunt.
  6. Travelers: They communicate colonies. They are the third fastest chickencorzes and the least appreciated of all the species. They can travel hundreds of miles without resting.


They are big, strong, fast and aggressive animals. Their claws can brake marble and their beaks can brake bones.


They need huge amounts of food, reason for the which they are always either hunting or procreating. Besides, they are the second most hated animals (after humans), mainly because of their varied diet.

Minor Species
Abyssal Fish

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