Chameleons like this mutated into Chameleontiuses after the catastrophe of 2012
Name Chameleontius
Ruler Chamee (formerly)

Lag-tars (currently)

Reside in North America and Europe
Special Characteristics They can change their color, shape and texture
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Humans


Feeding Lag-tars, equums and insects
First Appearance "We Are on Your Side"
Chameleontius are a minor species in the series 2013. They are mutated chameleon.


They look like giant chameleons that can be as big as a giant crocodiles used to be. Their feet have become claws, their tails, sharp and their eyes, cat-like. Their appearance is relative as they can change it at will to anything they want. Besides that, they look as their ancestors.

Old HierarchyEdit

They're ruled by a female, as most species, and their government resembles socialism.

  1. Chame-dent: She is the leader. She is not as big as the strongmeleons, but has the power to do anything she wants. Her name is Chamee.
  2. Old Wise Cham: They are older than the chame-dent and the most intelligent of all the chameleontius. They act like advisors and gliders to the others.
  3. Strongmeleons: They are the strongest and biggest of all their type. They are in charge of protecting the leader as well as the Old Wise Cham.
  4. Explorers: They look for new places and better places for the colony. They also monitor the area where the Chame-dent and the old wise cham are at.
  5. Guardians: They are all women and take care of the baby Chameleontiuses (as they above mentioned social groups are too busy to do it themselves). They aren't allowed to have babies of their own, though.

New HierarchyEdit

Now they are "owned" by the lag-tars and Chamee has died, they lack of any type of government, as they are considered slaves.


Unlike their ancestors, they can change the color of their skin at will. They can also change its shape and texture, getting practically invisibility. Their tongues are so strong that it can capture the strongest of the Lag-tars , which are their main preys and enemies. The old wise cham are some of the most intelligent beings on Earth.


As their ancestors, they are really slow. Besides, a young Chameleontius may need years to become a strongmelon, an explorer or a guardian. They were taken over by the lag-tars, too.

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