Alternate Future
This graph shows the butterfly effect, a time phenomenon that provoked the alternate future
Name Alternate Future
Origin Time Travel
Location Earth (although the whole universe was affected)
Introduced In "Lost in Time"

An Alternate Future is a future shown in the series 2013. It shows what would have happened if Cris and P.T. would have vanished in 2014, due to them traveling to the mentioned future. It is set in the year 4014.


In the year 2014, after P.T. and Cris got into the cybeavers' time machine and disappeared, Fabian and Josh were no match for the cybeavers. They were captured and imprisoned.

Two weeks afterwards, Fabian found out the Cybeavers' plan to dominate the world. There was only one thing left, a device that would make the elephexes smaller. They couldn't find what was missing. So Fabian took advantage of it. He showed them how to make it work, and offered his help with one condition: they would let Fabian and Josh live and would share the power with them.

When the device was working, the cybeavers (along with Fabian, Josh, Jen and the bataxes) started their battle against the elephexes. The cybeaver won and assumed the global domination. There, they revealed their second plan, which was to betray their allies. What they didn't know was that Fabian had already betrayed them (by exploding the exploiting where the cybeaver leaders were are. There, Fabian became supreme ruler of the world. With his cunning and Josh's ability to persuade, they ended up all wars and conflicts besides making more advanced the technology, ending diseases and much more.

The cybeavers in the future knew that if P.T. and Cris came back to their own time, everything would change for worse, so they tried to kill them. They, though, got to escape and come back to the exact time where they had vanished in 2014, by using another time machine, helped Fabian and Josh and got to escape the cybeavers' lab. So, technically, all the future changed drastically (specially due to the butterfly effect), and probably nothing of the above happened.