Aglo-corz War
Name Aglo-corz War
Origin Battle of the 50 vs. 50 vs. Humans
Type Interspecies war
Holder Aglos and Chickencorzes
Location North America
Introduced In ""Bird vs. Bird""

The Aglo-corz War is the most recent important event that occures in the series 2013. It is fought by the now enemy species the Chickencorz and the Aglo species.


Since these two species met it was obvious that they wouldn't be friends. They first met on January 20th, 2013. As they had mutated too recently back then, they didn't put so much effort on knowing each other. Instead, the chickencorzes attacked fast and brutaly the aglos. What they didn't know was that the animal they had just hunted wasn't like the others: The aglos are known to be strong, fast, persistent and sneaky.

The chickencorzes should have known that there are always more aglos around than those you can see. The aglos that were watching them disobeyed their basic instinct of attacking as soon as possible. They instead followed the chickencorzes towards their colony. Once they had found it, they call out more than 1000 of main attackers to attack the colony. More than 800 aglos died, but the victory was theirs: they had killed more than 25000 chickencorzes. There are still reserves from that attack even today.

However, due to their so wild personality, the chickencorz species didn't move a feather to avenge the killed chickencorzes.

Rule of NatureEdit

The Aglo-Chickencorz relationship is unique on the planet, as they are both powerful and dangerous predators, but they both form a part on each other's diet. Roughly 134,000 aglos have been killed by chickencorzes, but also more than 139,000 chickencorzes have been killed by aglos as well. This is more than the deaths produced by deseases and wounds altogether for both species. This wasn't the main cause of war, though.

Marching to WarEdit

In March 25th, 2014, Tasha, leader of the elephexes, call a meeting to destroy what was left of humanity. Although at first they seemed to have forgotten their differences, once the lag-tars and chameleountiuses started to fight, Jenmy (leader of the chickencorzes) ordered to attack the aglos, not in order to make war but to get food. Instead of flying away, the aglos started to attack back. Although the aglos killed the most, due to the chickencorzes being a well-spreaded species, the aglos felt worse about the lost. In total, 89 chickencorzes and 65 aglos were killed.

Official WarEdit

Despite all that, the actual war started on June 26th, 2014, during the episode "Bird vs. Bird". In this episode they were about to get rid of the humans for good. But thanks to Fabian's intelligence, they ended up fighting to decide the who would eat who. The battle resulted into a disaster for both species: from the 100 fighters (50 each species) none survived, which allowed the humans and Josh to escape once more. After this, the aglos declared war to the chickencorzes. This battle has since been known as the Battle of the 50 vs. 50 vs. Humans.