This eagles are powerful in the present, and so will be their future descendants in 2013
Name Aglo
Ruler Myle
Reside in North America
Special Characteristics They rule the sky
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Humans
Feeding Any animal they can get
First Appearance "From the Sky"
Aglo is the leading flying species in 2013. They are mutated eagles and huge birds.


They are huge eagles. Their beaks are big, even in proportion to their formers (at least 10% their total size). They can be bigger than the leader Pusplaty. Their wings are too big even for their size. Their wingspan can reach 50 meters.


They are ruled by a female, as most of species.

  1. Agla: She is the the aglos' leader. She leads missions and decide where, when, and how stuff is done. She is not as big as the main attackers, but she is still strong and highly respected. Her name is Myle.
  2. Main Attackers: They are in charge in basically anything: hunting, protection... They are both male and female, althought females are usually larger than males. They are the strongest, fastest and biggest of all of the aglos.
  3. Advisers: They are the smartest of all of the aglos. They are in charge of planning attacks and give advises to the Main Attackers and the Agla. They have not power at all, but the do have rights.
  4. Prisoners: Those who disobeyed the Agla. They have neither power nor rights to do anything. They usually are in special prisons and the worst criminals usually starve to death.


They are bigger than a lot of species and the largest species that can fly. Their wings have a long reach and one hit could destroy the skull of a person. They can see a Equums 100 miles away and see on the dark, too.


Their feet can be hurt by practically nothing. Their beaks affect their balance, avoiding them from walking and they need huge amounts of food because of the energy they use.

Minor Species
Abyssal Fish

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