Abyssal Fish
Not Available
Name Abyssal Fish
Ruler Unknown or none
Reside in Abysm
Special Characteristics They didn't mutate after the catastrophe of 2012
Roll Minor Villains
Enemy species Each other
Feeding Unknown
First Appearance "11,000 Meters Underwater"
An Abyssal Fish is any animal who mostly inhabites the abysm. They have existed before and after the catastrophe of 2012.

After CatastropheEdit

Some abyssal fish have little or no knowledge of the catastrophe that changed the world. They didn't mutated, as the toxic wastes of the event didn't/haven't reached them yet. A lot of them had been seen for neither humans or any other land animal until the cybeavers found them.

Known SamplesEdit


Aprox. Depth of Discovery (m) Basic Description
Sample #1 8000 Really long tail. Minor Mutations
Sample #2 8500 Fan-like Head.†
Sample #3 8700 Crustaceans as small as a grain of rice.†
Sample #4 8800 Fish able to produce electricity.†
Sample #5


Jellyfish-like creature who moves extremely fast.††
Sample #6 9250 Eel able to change body texture

Sample #7

9600 Fish with batax-like wings instead of flippers.†
Sample #8 10000 Starfish with fifteen arms and a peak.†
Sample #9 10300 8-meter-long black worm-like fish.†
Sample #10 10450 Jellyfish with a fluid-like body composition.†
Sample #11 10500 120-kg luminous fish.†
Sample #12 10550 Vaccum-like worms found in big groups.†
Sample #13 10550 2-meter-long eel-like creature with 9 10-meter-long-arms.†
Not Seen Sample 11500 Unknown creature with a length of 15-20 meters and as heavy as 90-98 tons. Unknown power doesn't allow the submarine to analize it.††
† No Mutations
†† Unknown Mutation Degree

Minor Species
Abyssal Fish

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